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Good news for Vespa fans, SIP have released their new SIP Performance Vespa ignition. It’s a complete ignition kit developed alongside major European manufacturer, VAPE. It includes a state of the art eight coil stator plate, which is fixed on to a laser cut backplate.


AC and DC versions are available and according to SIP it’s enough to fully illuminate the Vespa lights even at tick-over. If you’re running digital instruments (SIP speedo/sat nav etc.) then SIP recommend the DC type.


SIP Video | Performance ignition


Stator key features


  • Eight coils
  • AC/DC
  • 110w of power available from tickover
  • Enough power to run accessories (heated clothing/sat nav etc).
  • Piggyback dual pick up to eliminate bad positioning during set up
  • Exact ignition mark on stator and flywheel – no need for a timing light to set up
  • Plug & play




  • 12-finned flywheel
  • CNC machined from solid aluminium
  • Manufactured as one piece – no rivets
  • Less vibration due to exceptional balancing – less load on bearing
  • Fan design delivers exactly the same amount of cooling air as standard
  • Large frame flywheel weighs 1600 gr, small frame weighs 1300 gr – improved throttle response
  • 100% compatible with original flywheel removal tool


The CDI  

  • Road version with static timing
  • Sport version includes variable ignition timing at low revs – increased torque, reduced combustion temp




The SIP Performance igntion system is available now for Vespa small frame, Vespa large frame for around £267. More details available here: SIP Performance 


New products always in development…