1. scomadimel

    Brilliant reading again from SLUK, great updates on the Scomadi which is always of interest. Keep up the good work guys

  2. Scott Bauld

    It’s sad that with so much to look forward to Scooter wise at the moment that a pending court case(s) could blow it all apart.
    “Lambretta” threatening to protect intellectual property – Scomadi taking Hanway to court and the emergence of Royalloy(R.A????) – and the much forgotten threats from SIL(or whatever they were finally called) regards multiple breaches of copyright.
    I’m not taking any sides in the arguments but wouldn’t it have been nice if they all could’ve played nice/fair(and sorted it out as adults/businessmen) – once again it is the long suffering traditional “Scooterists” who will be the losers.
    Anyone currently looking for a large engined Scooter to commute to work(me) should have a plethora of choices available with performance, build quality and desirability being our only concerns not politics, ethics and greed to concider too………sad!?!

  3. Scott Bauld

    Oh and good article btw – keep up the good work!!!

  4. Nigel Beevers

    slimstyle and metal? scomadi copying royalloy!!! haha

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