1. Mark Woolley
    28th September 2016 @ 10:36 pm

    The Scomadi success story seems to be going from strength to strength. Well done to everyone involved!

  2. Neo TheEbt
    30th September 2016 @ 1:42 am

    Have you seen that Mel Gibson film Conspiracy Theory?
    Where he has loads of theories but 1 turns out to be true. Well here goes then:

    1. Idicatorless version.
    2. Lambretta engine mount version
    3. Collaboration with Casa for the 350 twin. Or 305 bsg
    4. A factory S type-ish
    5. SX-alike model
    6. The 125 with the knuckle dusters n the 200 with the plane embellishment.
    7. The 125 in full orange or Apple Green. N the 200 in white with the 2 tone L shape in the other colours in the range.
    8. S2 version.
    9. A turnaround piaggio 300 tie up.
    10. 350 Beverly.
    11. 2t version
    12. Factory chopper. 3′ long forks
    13. Remade pinasco P2e engine conversion
    14. Low rider version for us short arses.
    15. Mod version with spotslights n rear fried egg type lights over indicators.
    16. 2 tone version in any colour combo inc chrome
    17. Rallymaster s2 version
    18.An Indian SIL version that breaks down and the panels are made from old baked bean cans.
    19. And my final (rambling on now) and own personal favourite.

    A Scomadi SX-TT version with turbo boost to reach 88 mph n a flux capacitor.
    You buy it go back to 1966 become your own father buy a brand new SX 200 n stick it your “Dad’s” shed come back to now n the Scomadi disintegrates you go to the shed n get the SX.
    Unfortunately young “scooter scum” you found it back in ’85 puts a Frecky, a 30 mil on it n cuts it down.
    Now your £5k Scomadi TT is a Rusting piece of poo in your shed. (Tho with the current lambo market you could probably break even)
    You find a note from scum you on the back of a IOW Paddy (well there’s a tenner)
    “Your too old, you don’t understand me” etc
    (just remembered what we thought of the LCGB back in the day, the old farts, with nice scoots. Now I’m 10 years older than they were!!!!!!)
    Old you has enough of it and commits Turismo Leggera (Italian version of Harikari) by sucking on the rapidly disappearing Scomadi’s exhaust.
    Unfortunately it’s too environmentally friendly and just clears your sinuses. Vowing revenge on scum you, and the Scomadi on its final death throes you take it back for one last trip, a week ago last Thursday. The day you bought the TT. You drive past as other old you (it’s gettin confusing now) goes in the shop. You shout “Oi, old man. Get a Prius” As you hear your self shouting back , “Fuck off” a Prius pulls out in front of you an boom it’s all over, faster than you can say paradox.
    Well this brings our incentuous time travel tale to a close, so Frank and Paul, be warned its just not worth it. The regular SX sounds the better option now, eh?
    Just then, Franks wardrobe opens and a time travelling robot steps out saying “Come with me if you want a pint”. Well you gorra finish on a high note!!!

    Of course this is all rubbish, they could never make this work……

    88mph from a Lammy? Are you mad‽!!!!!


    • Sticky
      30th September 2016 @ 7:27 am

      Mick, I’ll buy one of those of your mate. One of those guesses may be closer than you think…

  3. Neo TheEbt
    30th September 2016 @ 11:00 am

    I KNEW IT!!!!!
    It’s the last one isn’t it?

  4. scooterist69
    30th September 2016 @ 3:09 pm

    I think it will be a Scomadi with the Morini 400cc engine!

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