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New from Pinasco are these Modular Intake Manifolds. They’re designed for the new, improved Slave Crankcases for Vespa small frames. It fits all Vespa 50 Special, Primavera and ET3 models without any frame modification. Manufactured using CNC, the anodised, threaded intake allows you to change the carb size by simply unscrewing the intake from the cast manifold and replacing with a different sized intake. The kit comes with an anodised 30mm gold intake, but you can also buy them in black 34mm, or silver 38mm (depending on your requirements). 

The new Pinasco Crankcases for Vespa smallframe include the following enhancements:

  • Removable gear shift
  • Specific crankshafts: S51 with 105mm connecting rod (normal and splined), S54 with 110mm connecting rod (splined), both with 88mm crankshaft web;
  • Reed Valve 8X
  • Specific Modular Intake Manifold 30-34-38mm
  • Gear selector bearing with integrated oil seal


Prices and availability

26530961 Complete Manifold 30mm (€ 68,34 + VAT)
26530962 Intake Duct 30mm (€ 44,88 + VAT)
26530963 Intake Duct 34mm (€ 44,88 + VAT)
26530964 Intake Duct 38mm (€ 44,88 + VAT)

Suitability: Crankcase Vespa smallframe, part number 26482027 or 26482030

Available from your local Pinasco stockist now. 

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