1. CrocodileJock

    Excellent detective work / analysis as usual Sticky.

  2. Theraphim Hebraeorum

    So what was all that second countdown BS about????WTF?

    No more pics but now a new countdown to EICMA 2016! Problems perhaps? 🙁

    Still, it may give the KTM team time to improve on their design and refine the final production model.

    Here’s some free advice for you motorcycle designers who perhaps don’t know the history of classic scooters….a turning mudguard on a slim style S3 type Lambretta is a design faux pas that follows on from the comparative ugliness of the Super Starstream, the Lamby Polo and most latterly the failed LN.

    Motorcycle designers cannot comprehend the essential, elemental Yin and Yang of successful classic scooter shapes. The Darwinist survival of the fittest struggle that saw hundreds of hybrid designs come and go in sixty years or so, from ABC to Zundapp, just leaving the two evolutionary apex models. Vespa and Lambretta. One the female archytype, being curvacious with a voluminous curved moving mudguard and the other being the male archytype, long and slim with a determined fixed pointy nosecone for a mudguard. Scooteristi know what I am talking about but to biker types it is a different language.

    Whilst this new machine may be clad in iron, it looks like it will miss the point styling wise…again. I hope not, as we need more choice in the scootering world as our biking cousins have a world of retro iron machines to choose from. Otherwise I will buy a Scomadi, plastic though it is, because it is faithful to its design roots and is the adopted son of British scooterists.

    Please get it right Mr KTM.

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