Our range of exclusive top-quality, Cafe Racer style screens are growing steadily.

The latest additions to the range include the Vespa Fireball and Lambretta SXL5.

These cater for Vespa GS, VBB and Sportique, and the ‘thruppeny bit’ Lambretta headsets.

See our new SXL5 screen in action...

Lambretta SXL5 screen

These are a derivative of the XL5 screens that we already make for round headlight LI models. Made exclusively for SLUK the SXL5 screens come in a choice of black, white, silver and carbon effect. They cost £95 (£5 extra for carbon). The screens are high quality and can be used on scooters with or without a hydraulic master cylinder.

The SXL5 fits the following models:

  • TV175 S3
  • Special 125
  • SX150
  • SX200

At the moment we have not tested it on Spanish ‘thruppeny bit’ headsets so we don’t know for sure if it will fit, but it is very likely.

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Quick and easy fitting video

Fitting video

Our SXL5 screen complements the SX very well and uses the same simple, Hi-Torque clip fitting method as the Li screens, so they’re quick to fit and remove and there are no ugly brackets. See the fitting video above.


Vespa Fireball

We’ve had quite a few requests from vintage Vespa owners asking for a similar 60s style screen for their scooters. With Vespas there are various shapes and diameters of headlight to cater for and for the time being we’ve gone for the most popular models. Once again they use our simple-fit, one screw method to mount them.

With some older Vespas the headlight touches the leg shields on full-lock. Obviously if that’s the case the screen will also rest on the leg shields at full-lock but you can trim it down at home if you want to allow extra clearance, or leave it. At least the screen will protect your paintwork.

SLUK Fireball

Our Fireball screen currently fits the following Vespa models:

  • GS 150/GS 160
  • Sportique
  • VBB
  • VNB (after 1959)
  • Any other vintage Vespa models with a round 140mm-diameter chrome headlight rim

We’ll also be introducing one for the Vespa VNA/152L2 sized headlight shortly.

As with the Lambretta screens colours are white, black, silver and carbon. Prices start at £95 (carbon costs £5 extra).

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