New for Lambretta from SIP are these improved replacement solderless nipples. They come as a set of three, for both gear cables and clutch. They also feature a larger 4mm allen headed bolt and a flat edge to locate perfectly into your linkages, this also allows you to use an open-ended spanner to hold them when tightening them. 

VIDEO | SIP cable nipples explained

The nipples feature a brass shim between the cable and 4mm allen screw to help protect the cable when they’re tightened. The outer body of the nipple is exactly 10mm to ensure a good fit within the standard selector rod and clutch mechanism. Some aftermarket linkages may have smaller openings (SIP recommend Salem Speed) and could need the holes opening slightly to accommodate the SIP nipples.



  • 4mm Allen grub-screw
  • Collar ensuring exact and hassle-free positioning
  • 10mm outer holding tool size
  • Exact external dimensioning for improved operational stability
  • Including screw-end shim to prevent cable damage

Price: They cost just £6.29 (net price for UK) a set and can be bought here.

Also available from SIP retailers around the world.