1. coaster

    Nice article Sticky


  2. CrocodileJock

    Great article, good analysis… the countdown clock appears to be be back and is currently at 17 days, 21 hours, 33 minutes, 23 seconds… no, 22 seconds… 21, 20 bugger, I’ll be here all day…

    Here’s the page: https://www.lambretta.com/latest/

    There still the chance to win “1 of 5 New Lambrettas” if you subscribe to the newsletter (subscribed about 6 months ago, so far, have been sent nothing) which may be worth a punt.


    • Sticky

      Thanks for the update CrocJock. Certainly interesting times. My guess, and it is a guess, is we get to see some preview pics/drawings to gauge reaction, but I could be way off the boil there…

  3. CrocodileJock

    So, forgot to put not too long to wait. We’ll see in a little over two weeks. Interesting times!

  4. Mark Woolley

    As a proud owner of a steel bodied Lambretta LN125 for over four years, I await the next chapter in the revival of the Lambretta scooter with great interest. Sadly there seems to be a tendency these days to portray the Lambretta LN as a counterfeit which I feel needs to be challenged. The LN was designed and built by the Motom Electronics Group under the terms of a full trademark licence contract agreement with the legitimate licensee, Lambretta Scooters Ltd (LSL), dated 31st March 2010. Unfortunately, following what appears to have been a dispute over the timing of royalty payments, LSL gave notice of their intention to terminate the contract only ten months later in December 2010, just as the LN was entering mass production.

    Whilst it was never going to satisfy the purists, the LN is a well-built retro scooter which, despite the legal wrangling in the background, was launched to widespread critical acclaim. It deserved to succeed – and not be strangled at birth. Why the dispute could not be settled – either by mutual agreement or arbitration – is something I’ve never been able to find out. Unfortunately neither Motom nor the Lambretta Consortium\Brandconcern (who had formed a partnership with LSL instead of the previous licensor Scooters India Ltd) have ever responded to my various requests for information.

  5. Tony Griffin

    Well informed article – much appreciated – I have owned a LN since 2013 with some added extras as well as a Vespa 300 GTS (sold recently due to a move to the US)- but enjoy the LN with the 150 conversion and scorpion exhaust. Decision for me is to see what comes from the new Lambretta model or purchase a replacement Vespa GTS. Will wait and see but appreciate the dialogue !!

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