1. nigelphoto

    I want one – NOW!

  2. 19white88

    Let’s hope the build quality is better than the originals.

  3. sukram

    What engine is the 200cc ? Is it a “relative” to the Rotax 4 valve BMW/Scarabeo 178cc ? This is a gorgeuos engine, when produced by Rotax/Austria. ( and is close to the Scomadi 200cc ) . But why build a “Super Sport Scooter” with 200cc ? The neglected Benelli Dusk had 400cc in the papers, and was faster, cooler and fruitier than the Pseudo Vespa GTS. I like the concept of a sports scooter. The pimped 2stroke Runner I owned was good fun, if the concept is, to build a sports scooter, Yamaha showed how to do that with the MK1 TMax. And even the Gilera GP1 was better powered. So just show and shine… or shame ? I am a fan of Italjet for being different, just think of the 125cc Formula, fame in itself. The design is radical as ever, but they should have chosen a different engine. Maybe the 50cc version will sell…

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