Electric vehicles are the future, or so we are being told. If that is the case then BMW are doing their best to be at the forefront of the latest revolution.

While the most recent incarnation of BMW’s electric scooter was presented to the motorcycle press at Intermot in Germany, it was actually announced – rather quietly – at the Mondial de L’Automobile, in Paris a week or so earlier. This certainly suggests what market the Bavarian motoring giant are aiming for with this scooter; urban mobility.

i3 to e

The new version of the BMW C evolution scooter will be available in two variants in future – the Long Range version and the European version, the latter meeting requirements for the A1 driving licence.
Importantly, for the good of electric scooters of any marque, these new versions of their electric scooters feature a new generation of batteries. These are also used in the current BMW i3 car and so the range has been significantly extended, something which has always been an issue for electric scooters.


One Hundred Miles Range?

BMW Motorrad first moved into the field of electric mobility in 2012 with the C evolution e-scooter. These latest versions now offer both increased performance and models that meet the requirements for the A1 driving licence.

They both also feature the new generation of batteries that have a cell capacity of 94 Ah, which in turn mean the scooters have a range of 160 and 100 kilometres (100 and 62.5 miles) for the Long Range and European respectively. Of course that won’t be at full throttle, but it does make these a practical option.


The new C evolution Long Range offers a continuous output of 19 kW (26 hp), which is 8 kW (11 hp) more than its predecessor, and the top speed is an electronically limited 129 km/h (80.6mph).
The less powerful A1 driving licence version has an output of 11 kW (15 hp) to meet with EU regulations and produces a top speed of 120 km/h (75mph).


The Green Price

Other changes include new paint finish options, a new graphic has also been added to the centre tunnel trim of the Long Range version, a new charge cable with a smaller diameter is now included as standard and new optional accessories such as the smartphone cradle are also available.

As for the price, the current RRP for a C evolution scooter is from £13,500 so it’s not a cheap way to go green. But then BMW vehicles have never claimed to be cheap, have they? They are however often innovative – remember the BMW C1 with a roof? Hopefully therefore, this may set a benchmark for other manufacturers of electric scooters to up their game and develop a scooter with an even more practical range before too long, at an affordable price.