1. DiscoDave1984

    Had this done years ago, if you also use marine grease this helps as it’s the water that washes the grease away, but not the marine grease.

  2. Nick Cuppello

    Mine have always had a grease nipple fitter by the dealer from new as they know this to be a problem, that said, my 12plate 300LT, no problems………..my new 500ABS Sport…….where do you start!!!……..its in the dealers at the moment for new steering head bearings at 6k miles, this is apparently the norm according to the mechanic off the record!
    At current prices the expense of this happening annually added to the price of a major service each year is making me think twice about having one, it seems that while Piaggio think its ok to introduce the new price hikes they know they will make i higher profit by cutting costs on materials…….mine is also in for a new ignition barrel, again quite common and the red key has to be changed and it all re-programmed, on top of this all 4 shock absorbers are being replaced due to heavy corrosion of the springs.
    But thats not whats my main concern………..4 times ive asked them to photograph the rusty frame and submit it to Piaggio, they seem reluctant so far. All the weld areas at the rear under the bodywork are rusty, at 16 months old..Today i told them if nothing is done i will throw it at Black Horse finance and tell them its theirs and stop the payments………..a nice chap in the dealers said, ‘might be a good idea’ !, the only other thing i was told was a re-frame, but it wouldnt have original numbers upon its return, yhus making it a nightmare to sell on.
    Well there we have it, once the warranty is up in 5 months it will be decision time, at the moment it stands at sell it, buy an older model and never part with money to Piaggio again!

  3. Ray Goldie Stewart

    Well lucky for me I did not buy the new mp3 500 I have still got my 13 plate 500 with 18000 miles on the clock and touch wood its been trouble free . I haven’t even had the dreaded steering notch on this one . Mr Dattoo sorted the notch on the 400lt by turning the bearings it gave it another 7000 miles. After seeing all the posts recently I will not be having another piaggio mp3 which is a shame because this one is my 5th one .

  4. Ray Goldie Stewart

    Where is me post lol

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