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  1. Zap Brannigan

    Many things the government does simply do not make any sense at all and you wonder if anyone is at home, with the lights still on.

    Surely a PTW is one of the best ways to get about and not expose others to your virus laden breath! Far better than public transport. Yet to not extend CBTs forces people (often those on lower wages who can only afford a smaller capacity machine) onto buses and trains.

    There is a distinct anti biking bias in our and the EU’s government.
    They don’t trust us without anti skid brakes and lights being on permanently (draining the battery unecessarily) and all the expensive over testing to get onto a bigger machine.

    No, they want their good little drones to march along in unison, crammed into CCTV monitored public transport or metal boxes on four wheels with GPS governed legal speeds only.

    A Brave New World awaits!

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