If you want to see all the latest new bikes and scooters up close and personal, kick a few tyres, sit on some of the scooters and fondle the latest products and kit you’d better get yourself down to the NEC in Birmingham for Motorcycle Live. The show runs until Sunday 26th November and features plenty of live action, test rides and two-wheeled entertainment. Full details can be found at Motorcycle Live.


We showed most of the new 2018 model highlights from EICMA recently so won’t repeat ourselves too much here but have picked out some of our favourite bits and pieces.

SLUK 72-25




We covered the new Scomadi 200 Cup Challenge in a separate post, you can find that here. Scomadi UK also had the new metal-bodied Turismo Technica models on display, complete with well-finished SX style panels, lower seat heights, better “Plush Ride” suspension, new clocks, new rear lights and a few other noticeable styling mods and improvements. The new headlight is made by a company who supply the likes of BMW, it features daytime LED running lights and a better quality light, the new LED rear is much better looking than the original version as well and will hopefully prove to be reliable (along with the new digital instruments). 


SLUK 72-36
SLUK 72-33
SLUK 72-35




During their enforced 2017 gap year the Preston based firm has been busy developing a few other ideas, we saw this one being built when we road tested the Scomadi 400 prototype during the summer. The Ecomadi is their first go at an electric scooter and results so far are good. Before you start asking, no date is set for the 400 yet but it was on the stand and will happen. 


Their geared Scomadi was also on display, the 250cc bike ‘Vitesse 6’ has been undergoing tests but the engine lump has caused issues. That model will go into production… albeit with a larger capacity engine, probably a 450cc, which will be great fun to ride.  


Scomadi protection
Scomadi protection
Lock fixes neatly to the battery door
Lock fixes neatly to the battery door


Scomadi lock/cosh

The new Scomadi handlebar lock is a great anti-theft device, it connects quickly and easily to the bar end and battery compartment door (via the internal steel frame) to stop the steering lock being forced. The lock can be retrofitted to the older Scomadi models using an internal braced support on the frame cross member. New Thai built scooters will come already pre-strengthened.
The lock is likely to cost around £100. When not in use it simply clips to the side of the scooter, doubling up as a great anti-scooter jacking weapon (not that we advise hitting scooter thieves repeatedly around the head and body with a blunt instrument of course). 
SLUK 72-30
SLUK 72-26

Scomadi scooter luggage

Also part of the Scomadi stand was a new set of soft luggage made especially for the firm by traditional Lancashire company, Carradice. The luggage includes a back pack, two panniers, and central tunnel bag. The back pack and panniers are designed to clip on to the rear rack using a simple but effective fastening solution, whilst a pop stud fastener holds the tunnel bag in place. The luggage is waterproof with taped seams and internal waterproof liners. No prices are set as yet.
SLUK 72-14
SLUK 72-15


Givi top box trolley


If you’ve ever toured on two wheels you’ll know it’s a pain lugging all your luggage around and into hotels after a long day. This new Givi trolley is a simple but effective idea. It mounts to an existing base plate and uses the same monolock system as the Givi luggage, so the top box clicks and locks into place on the trolley. When you’re ready to unload, just release the top box and trolley as one unit, extend the handle and wheel your luggage to the hotel room. It costs around £113. 


SLUK 72-11
SLUK 72-13



Spada have a whole load of new jackets available including the Rushwick ladies jacket (above left). It’s a nicely styled, well-cut jacket complete with 5-piece CE approved Tektoform armour. The Rushwick comes in a choice of two colours, charcoal, or this season’s ‘must have’ colour, ochre and costs £169.99.
Adding to their existing range of waxed cotton jackets comes the Kidderminster (above right). Again it features 5-piece armour, is waterproof, breathable, has a fixed tartan liner and a removable thermal lining, storm flap and a few nice touches. The finish is a worn look that should get even better with age. The Kidderminster costs £219.99. The full Spada range can be seen at SPADA. 
SLUK 72-5
SLUK 72-4


Another one of our favourite British companies, Knox. They produce 60% of their extensive range in the UK and for 2018 they’ve updated the already very good Cold Killers range, added some new jackets and expanded their armoured jeans range as well as adding this new ‘Shield’ jumper, designed to be worn over a Knox armoured shirt it has excellent crash resistance whilst still looking like an ordinary casual jumper. It’ll retail for around £99.
Knox have also updated their bags, this rucksack forms part of the Studio Collection and has a hidden back compartment that is fully waterproof and designed to carry a laptop. The internal bag itself is also waterproof, hardwearing and stylish.  
SLUK 72-29


Lexham Insurance

Specialist scooter insurer, supporter of many scooter rallies and events (as well as a SLUK advertiser from day one) were at Motorcycle Live for the first time this year. Lexham tells us they’re planning to simplify their classic policies, with simple yes/no options for modified scooters. Lexham offers multi-bike policies and have people working with them who understand our lifestyle and what we do. Like Lewis, left of the picture who many of you will recognise from the Lexham rally stall. 
Honesty is the best policy
Lexham Managing Director (and owner of many tidy scooters, including the Lambretta S2 and GTS on their stand), Andy Goodson told us “People shouldn’t be afraid to tell the truth about their modifications, most of the time it doesn’t even make a difference to the price of the policy but could do if they need to claim and haven’t declared them”. Give Lexham a try when it’s renewal time.
Django NEC



The retro-inspired Peugeot Django took centre stage on their stand and this modded up Evasion proved a hit with plenty of people posing for photographs. This young Fred Perry sporting lad might just be part of the next generation of scooterists. If you’re reading this young man, or see it shared on social media and can prove it’s you we’ll send you a free SLUK T-shirt. 
200cc Django?
A larger capacity Django could well be on the cards for 2018, possibly a 200 but we’ll have to wait and see. We should also see a 150cc Speedfight with any luck. Larger capacity good-looking sports scooters are always a winner.
SLUK 72-38


dguard® eCall/crash detection system


From 2018 all new cars will need to come equipped with an eCall emergency system. dguard is the first bike specific eCall device to hit the market. It’s a sophisticated device that uses multiple algorithms to detect a crash – if it detects one it will send your exact position to the emergency services. You can cancel the call manually using the ‘SOS’ button mounted on the headset within the first 15 seconds. If you’re using a Bluetooth headset the emergency services can talk to you to establish your condition.


Not only does it work in the event of an accident but it can also track your bike in real time. If the bike/scooter is stolen you can track it yourself using the dedicated app. which in some cases might prove more useful than waiting for the police to arrive (not that we advise vigilante action of course). dguard will cost £500 plus fitting and a nominal £30 per year subscription. Pricey but it could save your life and your bike. 

SLUK 72-17
SLUK 72-18


Bell modular helmet


Alongside their existing retro Bullit helmet range, Bell were also showcasing their new modular helmet at the show and were keen to point out the fibreglass helmet is one of the few flip-front lids to comply to legislation in both open and closed positions. It comes with a flip down integral sun visor as well.


They also had their impressive ProTint adaptive visor, it reacts to changes in light to help avoid dangerous glare. 

SLUK 72-21
SLUK 72-20




I’ve got to say the new Vespa Electrica looks very nicely done, enough for a couple of Vespa riders to say they’d be happy to use one to get to work and back. The aluminium style paint finish is lovely and I’m hoping they use it on a GTS special edition sometime soon. 


Talking of special editions the Piaggio stand was awash with them, Sei Giorni, Notte, Yacht Club (incidentally that won’t arrive with the hideous striped seats), MP3 HPE. We were told that in 2018 limited numbers of special edition scooters will be the way things will go. If you see one you like, get it ordered because once dealers have ordered their stock they won’t be able to reorder. It’s a way of keeping the specials a bit more exclusive. 


SLUK 72-2




We mentioned the new Davida full-faced helmet (or should we say the first ever Davida full-faced helmet?) at EICMA. The Koura will arrive in spring. It’s a mean looking lid for sure. Handmade in the UK using the same techniques and materials as their classic open-faced helmets, with leather interiors, tasty paint finishes and of course, it’ll be available in custom colours like the rest of the Davida range. The Koura will open up the British brand to a whole new audience.

Scorpion MSC



Derbyshire based Scorpion Exhausts had a Midland Scooter Centre supplied Vespa GTS on their stand, complete with black Scorpion Serket Exhaust. They are currently working on a few new scooter projects so we’ll bring news of those as soon as we can. Don’t rule out a return to Scorpion two-stroke exhausts though, that’s something that would please the Runner/Dragster riders… 

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