1. Nelly

    It’s nice to see SC have finally released the adapter ring for Lambrettas. I had a right chew making one of these fit without it.

    • covboy

      I really want a good headlight for a GP
      Any ideas??

  2. jbcollier

    I just fit one to my ’64 Li125.

    First, it’s important to emphasize that this is DC only. You will blow the unit if hooked up to AC.

    On mine the mounting ring fits the other way. It does not extend out away from the light as shown in the video, it fits tight against the headlight. Then pop it in the bezel and fold over the bezel’s retaining tabs, very straight forward and easily done.

    The large “lens” area with the vertical lines goes to the top. Take care to line it up as the beam has a sharp, straight, cut-off. In the video the headlight is cocked to one side.

    The headlight’s outer cover is plastic and somewhat easily marred. Leave the protective film on until you have finished mounting it.

    Highly recommended.

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