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BSSO Cadwell

BSSO/Time Attack Cadwell Park – Sponsored by Chiselspeed Tuning | SCOOTER SPORT

#78 Barrie Braithwaite, stitched together and held in place by safety pins   The start of the 2020 racing season has been delayed somewhat this year! But thanks to the generosity of Andy Barnes, scooter enthusiast extraordinaire and top man at Time Attack, scooters were back on track at arguably the best circuit on this […]


FREE double-sided Scooternova poster | NEWS

  ScooterNova are giving away a free double-sided A3 poster featuring the hand-painted artwork created by Dave Dickinson at last year’s ScooterExpo. On the flip side there’s an iconic Isle of Wight image in black & white ‘Boarding for Home’ by photographer, Simon Plant at Scooter Life.     Order yours now!   You can […]

Morbidelli lambretta

Morbidelli Racing Lambretta sells in £3.67 million Bonhams auction | NEWS

  Prestigious auctioneers, Bonhams held a three-day sale at Bicester Heritage last week and realised £3.67 million pounds. The grand finale on Sunday 16th August was for 200 lots from the collection of the late Giancarlo Morbidelli. The mostly Italian, machines came from the Motorcycle Museum in Pesaro, Italy    Amongst the collection of stunning […]

BSRA 2021 final800

2021 BSRA National Scooter Rally dates announced | NEWS

  Following last week’s announcement that the final BSRA event of the year would go ahead as a social event, without any official entertainment. The BSRA – British Scooter Riders Association, have taken the very unusual decision to release the 2021 rally dates much earlier than usual this year.   Traditionally they’re released after the […]


Part 1: KR Automation – CNC sorcery for Vespa | Feature

Felix Richter from KR Automation is yet another German scooterist with a fetish for milled metal parts. Who is he and how can his products improve your life?   In 2009, as an engineering student, Felix decided to make a Vespa engine from billet as part of his university engineering course. He learned how to […]

sluk holiday

SLUK’in off on holiday | NEWS

A perfect summer’s day at our Highland retreat.   Unlike most of you work-shy lot*, SLUK worked right through the COVID-19 pandemic and we’re ready for a little break. In fact, whilst you’re reading this over your morning cuppa and cornflakes, we’re out wrestling wild bears, and fighting off the midgies in the Scottish Highlands.  […]


Dam, that’s crazy! Austrian madman, Günter throws himself off 131-metre high wall | NEWS

  If you’re afraid of heights don’t look down this article any further…   At 131 metres high (429 feet), the Schlegeis Dam in Austria is a high-altitude playground for adrenaline junkies. Thrill-seekers flock to the intimidating concrete structure for organised abseiling, climbing and adult-sized, big-balls rope swings. Nobody has ever jumped off the dam […]


Holiday in Holland – 15 year anniversary | NOSTALGIA

Image courtesy Tony Higgs   It’s astonishing to think that the very last Holiday in Holland rally in Borculo was 15 years ago this week – in fact, date-wise it’s 15 years ago TODAY, July 30th.   ‘HiH’ was a legendary annual scooter rally that started all the way back in 1993.   One of […]


30 Lunatics experience the 2020 Dolomite Lui Tour | FEATURE

  Beep beep   ‘WhatsApp’ is a wonderful tool for communicating. The only real downside is the advisory beep or vibe that dictates the endless stream of messages that get posted in the various ‘groups’ I seem to end up in. Especially once an event gets near to its starting date. Event over and hey-ho, […]


10% off Easyblock – scooter security made quick & easy | FEATURE

  Scooter security is something lots of scooter riders ignore, or at least don’t take as seriously as they should. Hands up, how many of you have bought a £400 aftermarket exhaust but won’t spend less than half that price on protecting your £5,000 (or more) scooter? I dare say there are lots of you […]


Weymouth BSRA #5 (well sort of)| EDITORIAL

  Is it really the fifth National Scooter Rally of the year already? Errr, well, sort of. Who would ever have thought things would pan out the way they have this year? At least there’s a bit of light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel though at long last.    This weekend would have […]


1980s scooter memories & confessions #2 | FEATURE

  Last week we asked for your early scooter rally memories and recollections, Mick Tobin was the first to write in and share some of his early 1980s history and stories. If you want to write in, get in touch at editorial@ScooterLab.UK   Here’s Mick’s Memories & Confessions…


Modrapheniacs absent friends ride out | RALLERY

  A quick flashback to March 2020, and I’m back from the Modrapheniacs rally at Sandford and planning my rally year… Well that certainly didn’t go according to plan did it? My headline then was ‘Modrapheniacs rally kickstarts 2020’ little did we known that it would be the first and probably last ‘normal’ UK rally […]


New scooter record at Nürburgring for Falc Vespa | NEWS

  30 lucky German scooter speed freaks took to the historic Nürburgring earlier this month for three practice sessions and a time trial. With classic machinery ranging from a 52er Vespa to modern high horsepower power plants like the Casa SSR 265, CNC machined Simmonini exotica, Quatrinni M200 Vespa smallframes and SIP’s 45bhp BFA 306 […]

disc 85

1980s scooter memories & confessions #1| FEATURE

  I’m sure most SLUK readers are parents of teenage (or older) children by now. Can you imagine letting your precious 15-18-year-old kids go off for the weekend to a 1980s style scooter rally?   Often travelling through the night with a bunch of yobbos with strange haircuts and a questionable taste in ex-military clobber. […]


Petition to save Brighton’s Madeira Drive | NEWS

  Brighton’s iconic and historic Madeira Drive, scene of many an iconic scooter image, movie scene, seafront battle and home to many motoring events, speed trials and poseurs was suddenly closed to vehicles in April. Brighton & Hove City Council used special ‘Covid-powers’ to close it under social distancing rules ‘to make more space for […]


Huge spike for scooter sales after Covid-19 | NEWS

  Alternative modes of transport have certainly become popular with commuters since Covid-19 crippled the world. After all, who would want to be cooped up on a bus, train, or tube carriage with loads of strangers? Not me that’s for sure.    Latest registration figures released by the MCIA show motorcycle dealers had a good […]