1. Taxii

    We were discussing this just the other evening and said pretty much the same as you. Having more than two brain cells we understand the risks involved when riding on two wheels and take precautions we feel comfortable with. What we object to, is being treated like children with no common sense; compulsory gloves, hi viz, spare bulbs, breathalisers, documents, warning triangle, helmet stickers, daytime running lights……. the list goes on. However, no amount of legislation will protect you from blind drivers. It they can’t see me on my bright yellow scooter, with my lights on, a 150cm2 reflective strip on my back isn’t going to make much difference!

  2. speiderkorps

    “Sartorial fascists…….” Easy there tiger, calm down.

  3. Theraphim Hebraeorum

    Damned right! Sartorial fascists indeed! Creeping EU laws?

    Damned right! The answer to that is to VOTE LEAVE!

    Being a good neighbourly European does not mean blindly following the meddlings of an unaccountable elite and making your country’s population growth unpredictable and dependant upon this elite’s flawed policies. The emissions and ABS laws are examples of this. Brussels Sprouts butt out of our two wheeled lifestyle! Grrrrr!

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