1. TommySeries1

    There have been 25 rally’s… was at the 1st.

    I’ll be getting there on a wing and a prayer and a rusty old Series 1 🙂

    • Mark Syrett

      25 th Mersea island this year.going on the old Gp cross country over the top of the moors no motorways just 200 mile of back roads

    • Craig Stark

      25 Mersea rallies… I shall be attending this year on my trusty Vespa PX !

    • liquidcooled

      25 years, going on green Bennetton ts1 225 ( if exhaust studs decide to stay put)

  2. pipspeed

    Mersea Island reaches 25yrs of pure Scooter rally fun this weekend and has always been one of my fave rallys
    Il either be on my vessy 210 or if bits arive today may even be on my new lammy project
    But whatever il be on a scooter the same as always
    Safe ride everyone

  3. Andrew Surety

    25 Mersea islands this year

  4. Dazontheweb

    25 Mersea Island rallies. I will be getting there by scooter, as you should!


  5. Paul Read

    25 Mersea Island rallies and going on a series 2 lambretta for parts and fun, Paul.

  6. Spencer

    25th Anniversary of Mersea Island Scooter Rally this year.
    Always one for the diary for me & always on a scooter.
    I’ll either be on my Mk1 T5 or my Lam 350 if it gets through its MOT Thurs afternoon

  7. toddy

    25 mersea rallies

    I will be hopefully getting there on a 1958 Lambretta series 1 all the way from Royston Vasey in East Yorkshire lol

  8. Darren Moon

    25 rallies. Getting there by LI Special with the 2TW crew.

  9. Zoey Woodward

    It’s the 25th Mersea rally this year. I’m travelling on my Li series 3 from York . See you all there

  10. Loz Scott

    25 rallies on mersea island

  11. Paul dizzy

    Going by Dazzle
    25 Great years of fun, and meeting lovely people

  12. 13emmylou70

    25 mersea rallies..
    Will be riding barbie gt125 l

  13. Andrew Brown

    With this year there will have been 25 mersea island rallies . I shall be riding my gts300 straight after I finish work Friday

  14. Seamus

    25 this year.
    Getting there fast and reliable on me trusty li

  15. Stephen Taylor

    25 Mersea island rallies so far, many more to come, best rally of the yr.

  16. Peter John Maisey

    25 Mersea rallies. Going on my GTS.

  17. soulsurfer

    25 rallies… and this year I will be arriving on my suped up Winter Model 😉

  18. Shane Holden

    25 mersea island scooter rally’s , i shall be coming from Lincoln on my Lammy Li gt 186 ,Looking forward to this years ,brilliant rally , not sure my liver is though Lol

  19. rick

    25, and on a drag

  20. SpliffSpeed

    25 years including this year.
    I will hopefully be getting there on my knackered 1969 GP with far too much luggage and two up.

  21. LisaK

    25 years of Mersea island rally this year. I will be going on my lambretta GP 150 with my husband on his lambretta GP 200 ☀️

  22. MarieF1974

    Including this year there have been 25 Mersea island scooter rallies. I shall be riding my PSN tuned malossi GP172 auto lambretta.

  23. PandemoniumRocket

    After forgetting my password and trying 18 attempts to log on before I remembered it..I forgot the question.. 25 Mersea Rallies and I’ll be coming on ‘Tinworm’ my bare metal Stretched and Raked vespa rally chop..

  24. Bob McGhee

    I will be arriving hopefully Friday evening after the end of my 60,000 mile journey around the world twice on my starstream.i set off 25 years ago just after the first mersea,so it should be fitting if I can get back in time for the 25th anniversary …

  25. Karen Milner

    25 rallies including this year
    I would love to go this year. Went for the first time last year and had an amazing time. Unfortunately haven’t been able to buy tickets as lack of funds so would love to win

  26. ts1shaun

    I shall mostly be attending the 25th Mersea by riding my P2 or Gayer over the causeway……….providing I don’t get washed away in the high tide?! Oops lol!

  27. Rich

    25th Mersea this year and I’ll be chugging up again on my SX 🙂


    It will be rally 25 this year. I will be stealing my husband’s Vespa Rally 200 that he’s had since he was 18 as my scoots are off the road. Hope I don’t brake this one!

  29. spud

    It’s the 25th Rally, going on my rusty lammie auto #5

  30. missmaggot

    25th Mersea this year, I’ll be on the P2 waiting for the wanderer to return. I can’t believe he’s been gone for 25 years 😉

  31. lambretta.ann

    25th Mersea and I’ll be on my cider hunter Lambretta! See you in sunny Essex.

  32. Paulsmith178

    25 Mersea rallies, and I would only ever go on a scooter.

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