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Today ScooterLab has hit a significant milestone. We’ve been going for close to four years now and have steadily increased our readership year on year. That’s thanks to hard work and determination from us – it’s not just riding ladies shopping bikes and sitting about plinky plonkying on a keyboard you know!

It’s also thanks to everybody who has shared our posts on your own social media channels and everybody who interacts with what we do on the website (sharing is caring) – plus of course our own social channels, YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram – if you’re not already subscribed, or following those channels click the links and get involved!


Today, according to Google Analytics we hit 500,000 UNIQUE USERS for 2019.

That’s HALF A MILLION people around the world who have tuned in, read features, watched our videos or read about new products on ScooterLab.UK. Half a million people who are interested in scooters, scooter rallies, scooter products, riding scooters, tuning scooters, reading about new scooters.

217 countries 

Those readers came from no fewer than 217 different countries around the world, incidentally, Yemen came in last so they need to up their game a bit for 2020!

We don’t have readership figures for 2016 when we first started ScooterLab but in 2017 we had 395,294 unique users. Last year that went up to 471,282. We’ve already added another 30,000 new readers this year and still have a few days left to welcome a few thousand more of you to the site, so come in, don’t be shy.

 Top ten SLUKin’ countries around the world


The top ten countries for SLUK users is pretty much as you’d expect (UK and USA are top two), although Hong Kong at number three is a surprise. For our readers in that part of the world, 感谢香港人的支持。For our friends in Germany, wir planen, SLUK im jahr 2020 übersetzen zu lassen, for our Italian followers, stiamo programmando di tradure SLUK nel 2020, hopefully our Spanish readers will be pleased to hear estamos planeando traducir SLUK en 2020, as will the French, nous prévoyons de faire traduire SLUK en 2020 and for the Australians, chuck another shrimp on the barbie. Of course we can’t forget those in Thailand, ขอบคุณที่สนับสนุนพวกเรา and the Indonesians, terima kasih telah mendukung SLUK tahun ini.

Thanks to our advertisers

SLUK is subsidised by our advertisers and the SLUK Shop. Thanks to everybody who supported us in 2019, either by advertising your company or event, or by buying our products, or clicking the adverts/links to buy or read about products and services. We really do appreciate your support. Your adverts are seen by HALF A MILLION genuine scooter enthusiasts around the world.

These are the current people who support ScooterLab…

If you would like to advertise your scooter focussed business on ScooterLab get in touch at: Advertising@ScooterLab.UK  

Moving forwards

In 2020 we plan to carry on bringing you the latest scooter news, reviews, features, rally write-ups and products. We’ll also continue to develop our own SLUK Plastics™ range and introduce more top brands to the shop.

We’re always on the lookout for scooter features, touring stories and we want to hear about the latest products. You can get in touch at 

Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year


sluk500.000 big

Thanks for your continued support