Meet the Lab Rats

Scooter Lab is brought to you by a dysfunctional team of individuals, many of which were described on their school reports as ‘Will never amount to much.’ Determined to prove their tutors wrong, they set out on a life of hedonistic scooter abuse and ended up here… Maybe the teachers had a point after all.

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Owner of numerous classic scooters for road and race use as well as a tired Yamaha Tmax. Sticky is the author of The Complete Spanners Manual for Lambretta Scooters and freelanced for the worlds biggest scooter mags since 1986. He often chooses to do things the hard way simply for the challenge. Recently raced a Vespa in the Sahara and rode his Lambretta SX to Ukraine. Also able to find Clit without a map, thanks to handy signposting in Romania…

Iggy Sprinta


It’s not often you’ll see Iggy without a crash helmet, either he has a permanent unsightly cold sore or is extremely ugly. Either way he loves riding scooters of all kinds. His personal favourites are his snot green 1958 Series 1 Lambretta and custom PX 210, but he also loves and appreciates the modern machines, like his Vespa GTS 300. You’ll see him out and about on rallies, although he’s been described as ‘Disappointing in real life’ so steer clear…



The long-suffering Mrs Sticky is the financial shepherd of the outfit and herder of adverts into their respective pens. Her current wheels are a Vespa GTS, a TS1-kitted Lambretta GP and a 1959 Maicoletta with a 400cc Suzuki engine shoe-horned into it. She might look like such a nice, polite girl, but those who’ve been to scooter rallies in Holland know better.


Marcus & Mareike


German scooterists living in England, Marcus and Mareike have a long history in publishing and scooter media. Marcus has published six magazines and edited more than ten. The couple have also organised many bike and scooter exhibitions and shows, including Venlo & Scooterist Meltdown. Scooterists will probably recognise them from the UK and European rallies where they are a familiar sight. Both of them ride scooters and Marcus still owns an original Rossa YPVS 350, amongst other scooters.


Marcus and Mareike joined the SLUK team in April 2016 to write features and help Tracy with the advertising. The couple speak better English than most Brits so don’t be afraid… 





Best described as a strange hybrid of spanner monkey and race rodent. Barrie was once BSSO Group 4 Champion before moving into the world of professional pie munching and is preparing to enter the scooter racing gladiatorial arena again. Provided he can fit into his leathers. Currently on a diet of fresh air and misery, Barrie will be leading ScooterLab’s track attack in 2016 in the new Production Class. He will also provide technical tips. Not always related to the removal of gravel…





Nicky ‘Wookie’ Murray is in his early thirties and a relative newcomer. He’s only been riding, building, repairing, and maintaining scooters for 13 years but has covered some serious mileage. He commutes, socialises, shops and goes on holiday on his scooters. Averaging well over 20,000 miles a year for over a decade, Wookie is very much into riding kit that works and plans to share his knowledge with you SLUKers.





Woodsy is the man behind Two-Stoke Films and very supportive of SLUK from the outset. You will find his self-made, self-taught videos popping up around the site, made with his pals from Manchester Lyons SC. Since crashing his first scooter in Sardinia at the age of 15, things have improved.  Slightly. Now he only occasionally fills up with diesel and sets himself up for piss taking. Woodsy has a busy year of rallies planned. Watch out for Paul and his camera on the road…



Pete Newbold



Pete Newbold