1. Pottsy

    Great to see a review of a ‘real world’ scooter, yes it’s great to see top spec airbrushed stuff we can all dream about but projects pulled together with some initiative and good engineering are what it’s all about for many of us. Too often it’s about money, like an arms race with the amount of new stuff coming out (which is great) but we all spend what we can afford, beg or borrow, personally i hope to see more ‘shed built’ customs, resto’s and street scoots…hopefully I’ll even get you one to feature too

  2. Bilko

    Great article and a great Lambretta.

    I have to agree with the post by Pottsy. I do like some airbrush custom work, but there seems to be some use it without the thought of the application leaving a scooter attractive but soulless. I like the “back to basics” on the custom build of this GP and when I say back to basics, it’s by no means a derisery remark. I love the ability of those who have the forethought to come up with ideas and apply them. If you look at the Lambrettas on the Old Skool Lambrettas FB page you’ll find many Lambrettas oozing character with homemade customising and paintwork without a mural in sight.

  3. lambretta.ann

    Stunning GP especially all the trick bits that weren’t off the shelf. So glad to see it back on the road!

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