1. Sticky Round

    By Transport For London’s own figures, motorcycle emissions represent so close to 0% of the pollution problem that they put 0% on a pie chart.

    If they represent 0% of the problem why are they being charged?

  2. Derek Smith

    IT is difficult to come to any other decision; Mayor SC or K, is a puppet of the EU!

    • Noddabodder

      The whole angle of this article seems to suggest that this ULEZ has been imposed by the EU. Is that the case or has London opted to implement these measures itself? No matter, let’s blame the EU anyway.

      • iggy-grainger

        It was implemented in London by The Mayor for sure, although the article is aimed at the whole of Europe. Lots of people think ‘Well I never go to London anyway’ but may think differently if it upsets their holiday plans or they can’t ride in a city close to home.

  3. stevecoady67

    yearly hydrocarbon emissions of the average two-wheeler in urban traffic measured up to 49 times higher than that of the average car, according to the study, due to be published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

    “The importance of [motorbike] emissions has been underestimated in legislation, giving manufacturers little motivation to improve aftertreatment systems,” said Dr Vasic. The tests were carried out on a variety of Yamaha, Piaggio and Honda 50cc scooters and Suzuki, Honda and BMW motorbikes with engine sizes ranging from 800cc to 1150cc.

    The above excerpt from a report in a reputable British broadsheet makes TFL’s figures seem ludicrous

  4. ULC Shane

    Just another stealth tax, I believe than Chaka Khan had promised too look into the two wheel solution for London during his campaign for major( ).like any other minister I wouldn’t trust them as far as you could throw them. Thank god I own a few classic polluting scooters too let Londoners know what a two stroke really smells like

  5. Mark Hodson

    We recently visited Europe from New Zealand, and were struck by the colour of your sky, it has a grey hue to it , very different to the clear blue we are used to.
    We put it down to the amount of aircraft flying overhead, your skies were very busy. Surely capping aircraft emissions would be more useful than ground traffic?
    Did I read that after 9-11 when all US planes had been grounded for a few days the skies above America became clear?

  6. Mark B

    Khan just ticking boxes in his quest to look that he is being ahem ahem progressive as Sticky has pointed out the pie chart shows 0%.so it certainly begs the question as to why they have included riders into this ..

  7. danlobo01

    I have a 2006 49cc vespa that is not Euro rated and will fail the ULEZ. However my 2001 1.8 Audi TT is fine.

    How can that be fair or good for the environment?

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