Win a model kit
Win a model kit


I’m not sure why but judging by some of the emails we’re getting, SLUK readers seem to have more time on their hands at the minute. Anyway, some of you are getting a bit crafty during your involuntary incarceration – quite literally.


Competition time


We thought we’d try and encourage a few more of you to get the double-sided sticky tape out and show us what you’re capable of. It’s just for fun and to relieve the boredom some of you must be suffering with but we’ll also award the person with the most votes one of our new Vespa Primavera model kits and a tube of glue worth £45.

You can upload photos of your handy work (please keep the file sizes to a minimum) and get the world to judge your creation. If it’s scooter shaped cake you’re good at, we’re quite happy to do a taste test 🙂


scooter village spain
Making a Spanish scene
We recently sent one of our new SLUK Supporters t-shirts out to a customer/reader in Spain. As always we send a few SLUK stickers out with the order. Earlier this week he sent us the photo above and said “I thought you might like this. I’ve been busy during our lockdown here in Spain. I’ve been building a small scene for my Vespas. I used one of the stickers I’d been sent with my t-shirt. The model needed a name and your sticker was perfect, the scene is not quite finished yet though…” 
Mark Yates 




Beer can modelling

We also had an email from another Mark, Mark Henson, with a photo of a beer can scooter he’d made. Mark said “With the present crisis threatening to keep us housebound for some time yet and the probability that all those little jobs/projects are now either completed or stalled through lack of supplies, may I – out of sheer boredom suggest a little lighthearted competition?”


Well yes Mark, you can indeed…




Mark explains “YouTube has many examples of ‘soda can’ models but no really good ones for scooters, especially Lambretta shaped ones. Whilst contemplating having another go myself I thought this might be a worthy challenge open to all comers of various skill levels. But first one has to dispose of the beer can’s (soft drinks are also available) contents!”


Drink problem?


Mark has put a bit of time and effort into this it seems “In the interests of offering a reference, I attach some photos of some stuff I did years ago (retrieved from the loft). As you can see from the photos of my attempts there is a lot to improve on, but having said that, all of these were completed with absolute minimum time/tools and additional materials… and whilst still under the influence of the can’s contents. Each individual model used only one can”.


I’m sure many Scooterists will have a recycling bin bulging with empty cans at the minute so you can afford to get some practice in. 



Beer can method


The construction method can be assisted by Sellotape, Super Glue or hot glue. Or as those clever bods somewhere in Asia do – use no adhesive whatsoever. They merely use interlocking tabs that are unseen in the finished article. The use of other materials such as cellophane for the headlight, or cocktail sticks used as axles is fine.

Tools required


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Elastoplast!

P.S. Although I include Elastoplast I have never cut myself making these but it’s just to be safe!


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