1. Triffid

    Diasagree with the quality of the tyres, show them a bit of moisture and they will lock up without warning, twice now in mildly damp conditions braking from about 35mph everything seeming ok then seemed to double wheel lock and go from under me. Scoot is with insurers and may be financially written off but may be able to buy it back, in which case new tyres will be first purchase. If you get one, they are good, I was at just over 500 miles and things were loosening up nicely and it had no problem sitting at 55 in normal conditions but did struggle a bit up steeper hills and into headwinds but then what do you expect when I am 6 feet 2 and 15 stone! I did get 63mph out of it on the speedo once though :). Seat is very comfy and it is nice and nippy and flickable like my ETS but change those tyres if you buy one.

    • Iggy Grainger

      Unfortunately for us we only got to ride the scooter for a day and the weather was lovely. I hope yours gets sorted quickly.

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