1. Paddy

    Unfortunately, I’m one of the 125 4 stroke Auto owners and when my 3-year-old low mileage (3,000Miles) scooter decided two weeks ago to eject the conrod through the front casing that was the end of me and my short-lived relationship with LML. As it’s been rumoured for the last year I already knew it was the end of the road for LML 4 strokes especially the Auto.
    I had little to no chance of parts so I had to bite the bullet and break my scooter for parts one moment its a nice looking scooter worth upwards of £1,600 then its just a pile of parts for sale.
    So Scomadi Auto here I come just hope I can get hold of some platforms though as its taller in the saddle and im a short arse. As always Ride Safe everyone. Paddy Northern Templars sc

    • Rouby Roo

      Explain this to me. Not only is there a LML auto engine on Ebay now you could have bought but:

      * the LML auto is merely a GY6 in a special case (for the most part). So parts should have been easily found.
      * did you call each and every LML dealer in the UK?
      * did you call Tasso?
      * did you call AJ Sutton spares?
      * did you post on the LML forums looking for parts?

      I think you panicked and really wanted a Scomadi so you took the easy way out mate. Sorry to be blunt.

  2. Mark MBT5

    I hope that a deal can be done to save LML from closure…not my cup of tea but it’s the wheels on the road that matters
    Mark MBT5

  3. Nigel Beevers

    there should be a class action to sue moto gb. unless they buy back scooters still under warranty. if moto gb are not insured against such a situation, they should then sue lml. presuming they were smart enough to have a guarantee of parts supply in their contract.

  4. Oz_Scoot

    LML did not get enough members of the Committee of Creditors (COC) held on 29th June 2017.
    The Corporate Debtor had sought approval of the COC to raise interim finance up to Rx 10 Crores. The e-voting results relating to raising of interim finance
    1 40.66% comprising of State Bank of India, IFCI ltd and Reliable motors approved the resolution
    2 51.09% comprising Stressed Assets Stabilisation Fund (IDBI), Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, ICICI, Edelweiss ARC and Phoenix ARC rejected the resolution, and
    3 8.25% comprising of Corporation Bank abstained from voting on the resolution.
    In view of the above since resolution was not approved by a minimum of 75% (by value) by members of COC. In the circumstance stated above the Corporate Debtor cannot provide work and having no alternative has to “Lay Off” the concerned workmen till further notice.

  5. Don Kilpatrick

    I own a lml star 125 4t auto…those of us that own one will know it has no guts….even on the slightest of inclines….looking for engine upgrade parts….cant find anything for the automatic in parts….can anyone point me in the right direction…failing that….it will be the case of permanently taking it off the road….

  6. Carl Bonner

    I have a question i have just bought a LML star 4 stroke 4 speed here in the uk with french plates on it the chap i bought it of is french but speaks english.He told me he bought the LML in to the uk back in 2016 .No the question i need to ask is i need proof from LML that the LML star was made in india/france or wherever so where do i stand if i cannot get proof were it was made to show DVLA uk that it meets the standards to drive/ride it in the UK………

  7. iggy-grainger

    I would try speaking to MotoGB who were the UK importer at the time.

  8. Mohammad Ghazy

    Is LML factory operating now?

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