We’re continually working in the background, not only to bring you the latest scooter news and reviews but also to design and develop new products. Or work alongside trusted manufacturers to retail their wares.


Tucano Urbano


The latest brand to be listed in our online shop is Tucano Urbano. If you’re familiar with the Italian brand you’ll know they make very stylish scooter wear, gear that not only looks good but really works as well. 


We’ve listed some of the products we’ve tested ourselves and will be adding more to the Tucano collection over the year. If you’d like something from the brand that isn’t listed yet just let us know. Our prices on Tucano are as keen as anybody else and we offer free UK delivery on orders over £50, or £6.95 for orders less than £50. Delivery is by DHL, on a next day service (providing the item is in stock).


You can visit the Tucano shop page here.



SLUK screens


Our screens are proving very popular, we recently introduced the Vespa Fireball screen for the GS/Sportique/VBB/VNB/VBA/152L2 etc. The Fireball comes in two headlight sizes, 140mm and 118mm but we will be adding the Rally to the range in the near future.


PX screens


Our PX C2C Sports screen is a simple screen, designed to quickly change the look of a PX whilst offering a bit of wind protection. It’s currently only available for the later PX but we’ll be adding a Mark 1 PX version pretty soon.   



SLUK wind tunnel testing...
SLUK wind tunnel testing…


Lambretta XL5


We also developed the XL5 Li screen, that’s now been tweaked to suit the SX and the brand new XL5 GP screen, pictured above has just finished an extensive testing programme in the ScooterLab wind tunnel, you can buy one now. 


Two important items of note about the XL5 and Fireball screens


  • Yes, they do deflect wind so your scooter will potentially go faster!
  • Due to the unique way that they fit (clamping around the headset) they also work with dropped headsets!



Vespa GTS products


One of our most popular products is the GTS SLUK Guard, it’s a front mudguard extension designed to help keep some of the muck, stones and water away from the bodywork (as any GTS owner will tell you, the underside is prone to rusting). The SLUK Guard is simple to fit, comes in a choice of five colours and looks like a factory accessory.


The design has been tweaked slightly since we launched it, so it now fits all GTS models, even if you’re running 13″ wheels. 


We also produce a front suspension cover for the revised 2014-2016 model GTS. Our BananaArma simply clips and sticks over your existing suspension cover, it’s a nice finishing touch if you’re personalising your scooter. 


Ok we got it wrong


Our GTS SLUK screen is a bit ‘Marmite’, it’s different for sure but maybe we got this one wrong. We will be releasing a new improved GTS screen later this year. We can’t get it right all the time…


Scorpion Exhausts


You’ll also find Scorpion Exhausts in the shop for your GTS and Yamaha NMAX. We can get the full range of Scorpions so if you’d like one for your model just ask.