1. webjunky

    Did you remove my comments ?

  2. webjunky

    I took time to comment and it seems my comments have disappeared, I have checked on my profile and can see under dashboard my posts and can see that I didnt imagine spending time posting a comment ?

    • Iggy

      No, that’s a bit strange.

      • webjunky

        I was really just commenting that I carry a Teng T1420 1/4-inch Bits Socket Set which is about the size of a packet of fags. I am currently looking at the Wera 073220 which has a brilliant strong mini ratchet and I think is a better set . I was asking if you could do a comparison some time . For me the key points are ,tool quality , compactness of the set and durability of the case /holder otherwise if it breaks easily you just end up with a random bag of bits which is never good on the side of the road. Cheers

  3. Iggy

    I use a mini Laser socket set myself for on the scooter and love it. The quality is fantastic even though it’s probably six years old now and the case is very durable. Plus it’s small enough to fit in a toolbag/or strap on the scoot.

    We may well do some tool testing in the future although it’s not something you can just use a few times and write about really.

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