1. Giallo Ossido

    So, will they stand the test of time?

    Fortunately it is unlikely that I will be around in another 70 years to find out!

    • paul d

      I’m glad at least that the lambretta name is standing the test of time and hasn’t disappeared like so many car brands of the past. Triumph motorcycles in my opinion have managed to instill the spirit of the originals into their new machines, even with their new models which are completely different to what carried the brand in the past. I’m not sure the fiddle and vendetta will achieve the same but I’m hoping.

  2. EddieStone

    One of the reasons Lambretta and Vespa were so successful were because of their new designs. They were unlike motorbikes and were well developed and thought out (an impressive service network and innovative advertising and product placement also helped!). Competitors of the time were based on existing motorbike engines and running gear with little development or understanding of their customer requirements, and they generally failed. Who wants another Sym with a Lambretta badge? Better to go the Scomadi route and make something that looks different, offers something different and a strong brand image can be developed around it.

    Performance is probably only a factor in the UK where we have more of a motorcycle mentality. Across the whole of Asia these things are generally ridden at less than 40mph – the only performance that matters is how quick it gets off the lights and can it be squeezed through the smallest of gaps.

    Personally, I have a Lambretta already, so I’m certainly not the target audience. With all the new product coming out this Li will see my days out. As long as Historic class vehicles are allowed to drive on the roads, I’ll be riding it.

  3. Granprix Kevin

    All these re-badged and restyled SYM’s with Lambretta badges on them will dilute the cache of the Lambretta marque. The only thing keeping the marque’s relevance is the fact that there are so many enthusiasts keeping real Lambrettas on the roads of the world that there is a viable parts industry and ongoing development that is amazing for a scooter that essentially went out of production decades ago. And as governments continue to ban them from city centers, and then roads, the marque will become meaningless. It will be just a label. I’d rather a company like SYM create something truly unique and worthy of the interest of scooter enthusiasts.

  4. Mark Woolley

    An interesting article – well done for your Photoshop experiment. The Lambretta Consortium went to great lengths to kill off the promising Lambretta LN125, which they had initially licenced, so it would be extremely ironic if it turns out that the new ‘Vendetta’ is indeed largely based on the Sym Fiddle III.

    Sadly we’ll now have to wait at least until the Eurolambretta Jamboree in early June 2017 to find out how accurate your speculation is as they’ve just pulled out of launching the new scooter at EICMA 2016. Who knows, perhaps they got cold feet after reading your article!

  5. agnomen

    The Vendetta countdown clock has been reset to Euro Lambretta next June.

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