I went to Nigel with the idea for the Coast-to-coast screen several years ago and a hand-made model produced out of mesh. I already knew him through his custom work and previous experiments in vacuum-formed plastic scooter components.

I wanted a sporty-looking windscreen to improve the aerodynamics of my motorcycle-engined Lambretta. Anyone who has ridden a Vespa T5 will understand that a screen does not have to be large to have a great effect at top speed.

Even a small screen can:

  • Improve top speed
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Reduce tiredness at high speeds by reducing windblast on your chest and instead directing it over your shoulders.

My remit for the Coast-to-coast screen was that it:

  • Required no alteration to the scooter
  • Must be quick to get on and off for easy cable replacement
  • Can be fitted even with hydraulic brake conversions
  • Is big enough to serve as a mounting for sat-navs or instruments

The solution we came up with was to simply slip the screen over the headset and to attach using plastic cable-ties. It’s not the most elegant solution, but it is fast to fit or remove, particularly if you don’t fasten the ties too tightly.

The design is such that it will slip behind the master cylinder of the most common hydraulic brake conversions. A dimple is provided to make a hole in the ABS for the hydraulic hose to pass into the headset. With the rise of remote and semi-cable hydraulic conversions it has been decided to not pre-drill or slot the screens for those who’d prefer them to come complete.

Nigel made his own design for the screen to suit the vacuum-forming process and has been selling these on eBay for years with little or no promotion.

VIDEO | How the C2C screen is made

Does it work?


Most definitely.

The Coast-to-coast screen takes enough wind off my chest to greatly improve comfort on long distance rides. Typically it adds 2 – 3mph to the top speed of a tuned scooter.

Personally I’ve used one of these screens to:

  • Arrive first at the end of the Coast-to-coast ride
  • Ride my bike engine Lammy to Istanbul
  • Ride my SX200 around 19 countries including Serbia and into Ukraine

You can’t say that they haven’t been tested.

My SX200 outside the Vespa Bar in Nis, Serbia
My SX200 outside the Vespa Bar in Nis, Serbia
GP version in clear
GP version in clear
SX version in gloss black
SX version in gloss black



So far there are two varieties of Coast-to-coast screen:

  • SX-type (SX, Special, TV and some Serveta)
  • GP-type

The GP version does not surround the bottom headset like the SX version. It simply locates over the headset rim and attaches with cable-ties. This has been used as an aerodynamic aid by several racers including Group 6 competitor Tom Russell who raced this year for JB Tuning.


All are made out of acrylic-capped ABS plastic and available in:

  • Gloss White
  • Gloss Black
  • Clear

The plastic can be cut, machined or painted without problems.


Race-winning Group 6 rider Tom Russell uses a C2C screen on his GP
Race-winning Group 6 rider Tom Russell uses a C2C screen on his GP



After the first production batch the material spec was upgraded from 3mm to 4mm raw plastic (the final screen is actually thinner due to the moulding process). This affected the fit of the SX version which became too tight, however recent modifications to the mould have rectified that issue and they now slip on fine.

Where the SX version sits over the headset it does rest against the paint, so I recommend a layer of insulation tape is fitted to the headset in order to protect the paint.

It would be nice to have a tidier fitting system than cable-ties, but nothing has cropped up that is so fast or easy. Some people have modified their screens to screw to the headset top, but this obviously changes the ‘no modification’ requirement.

A slot and hole can be made for hydraulic hoses that enter the headset, but are no longer included as standard.
A slot and hole can be made for hydraulic hoses that enter the headset, but are no longer included as standard.



Overall, none of these problems bother me and both of my Lambrettas get used for every long distance ride with a Coast-to-coast screen.

I’ve never got around to mounting a satnav inside the screen but it would be an ideal position given protection from the weather and the ability to shield the display from external light sources.

Essentially, this is a product that does what it says on the tin. It’s perfect for the Coast-to-coast or any other long distance Lambretta ride for that matter.




Buy C2C Screens exclusively from SLUK


Given our involvement in the design and testing process for these screens we are more than happy to add them to our new shop as an exclusive SLUK product.

To begin with they are being produced to order and drop-shipped direct from the manufacturer. Please allow 10 days for delivery (UK) but understand that we will endeavour to speed this up as sales increase.

All the screens are priced at £39.99 + postage and you can order them from the links below.

Coast-to-Coast SX screen

Coast-to-Coast GP screen

C2C screen in action - it fits Serveta too
C2C screen in action – it fits Serveta too