1. Johnny Street

    I have the v3 but has he latest swan neck. Best exhaust i have had by a long way. Good all rounder very well made and makes access to side casing easy. defo recommended

  2. Lambrettagp200

    Unfortunately after 1500 miles my V3 fell to bits inside, however a fantastic performing exhaust in every way. Far Superior than the Gori. (In my opinion)
    The dealer MB. exchanged the V3 for the V4, fantastic service from one the country’s number one dealers.

  3. Maz66

    looking at gettin a v4 for my gori sport smallblock kit as it seems to be more road legal than the actual gori exhaust its loud {no fun in germany getting your bike taken cos your exhaust is illegal ashappened to a mate on the way to austria } is the bgm a good alternative to the gori im planning on using a 26mm phbh 19t f 46 r with a indian gp 200 box any thoughts re jetting etc

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