1. Gary Steed

    About time the thought of anyone loosing a scooter or moped is not good they might think twice now

    • Tracey Asher

      Good on them, I totally agree with this, they need to get heavy with them, they think they’re untouchable at the minute.

    • Neil Proctor

      Great idea, these crooks need to start feeling the heat!
      Just like the KOVIX alarm chain, but it won’t come off second best!

  2. MarkForkin

    Hopefully this initiative will be rolled out countrywide. My commute (in warmer weather than this!) from Leeds into Manchester regularly features scrotes riding around with impunity.

  3. onebigyev

    Best thing they could do and perhaps carry on and drive right over the little weasels put them out off commission full stop

  4. Spencer

    The video of the Police in action on Facebook spread far & wide within minutes with most comments being positive. I believe we are heading in the right direction with regards to dealing with these scrotes & look forward to the day we feel safer leaving our steeds unattended. Well done Met Police for the positive move

  5. Nelly

    I would happily volunteer as a Police driver if I was given the chance to flatten these lowlife scum who feel the need to part us of our hard earned scoots.

  6. Mark97

    When I saw the video I thought they needed something more – envisaging Sergeant Blast and Private Meekly in the Army Surplus Special from Wacky Races – and perhaps a net and cataplut attachment to gather up the little toe-rags and fire them straight over the wall into Wormwood Scrubs…

  7. keeponkeepinon

    we need these scumbags stopping, the amount of pavement crime alone is unreal?
    & to thinks they could be doing this on yours or my stolen scoot is gutting, IMO knock em all off these bikes & wrap the KOVIX alarm around there necks & string em high!!

  8. Ian Leonard

    Great to see the police taking the initiative

  9. gideon.soames

    The new Met police tactical force initiative on the face of it looks like a good idea but is it a knee jerk reaction to a much wider problem. Is there a direct correlation between thefts of scooters/motorcycles and the reduction in funding of frontline police officers.
    Are there more thefts now than 10/20 years ago pro-rata ? or is it that we now use social media as a tool to make the theft instantaneous for all to see, where do we draw the line with the interpretation of “tactical force”.
    Remember the road blocks entering seaside towns back in 80’s, being searched and have tools forcibly removed. (tactical force or common sense)

    Why is there some much disillusionment with the youth of today. There is a bigger picture at work here.

    And yes before anyone ask’s I have been the victim of attempted theft’s (twice, dragster and tmax)…just sayin.

  10. hobospeed

    Seems harsh and too risky to me, sooner rather than later some kid is going to end up under a police vehicle and lose his/her life due to miscommunication or mixup. Looks like the police are just fighting violence with violence which I think is more likely to escalate the problem vs solve it.

  11. Paul Franklin

    Certainly sends out a message.

    I would still like to see manufacturers working with the Police to design safer anti jacking technology. For example some form of remote immobiliser that can be accessed by Police forces to switch off the engines remotely, likewise the use of biometrics for ignition cut off etc.

    The ramming method has very limited use as it can only really be used during nights when the chance of hurting innocent pedestrians by the rider and his bike is minimal

  12. marshy1966

    It would be better if the penalties for theft were more suitable.
    Thieves barely get a slap on the wrist and pathetic sentences such as community service.
    If they got a 3 year ban and a thousand pound fine they might reconsider stealing a scooter.

  13. noble1969

    A slight tap with a Jenkal , followed by a victory doughnut on top of the misunderstood cherub should sort the problem.

  14. Miss Scoot

    New tactic is definitely a good thing. The police have taken back the upper hand and about time too. These thugs have got away with it for too long and given the rest of us law abiding riders a bad rep.

  15. Glyn Savage

    Not a good idea and abit of a knee jerk reaction.
    It won’t be long before some innocent kid is killed or seriously injured due to police mistakes.
    Massive police cuts should be looked at and dealt with first.
    Why report a crime if you get a crime number and thats about it.

  16. Paul Rooney

    About time they did something to sort it but what happens when a passerby gets clattered. Still, it did make me chortle

  17. smori67

    Something had to be done to try and contain the problem but watching the video makes you realise how vulnerable we are on two wheels.

  18. Tori Stevens

    Personally I am pleased to see Tactical Contact being used by the Metropolitan Police in an attempt to drive down the number of scooter related crimes. Despite a reported 33% reduction in ‘moped’ crimes, I’m still not sure that I would ride my GTS in London.

  19. Ian Struthers

    It’s a great initiative. It’s seen a reduction in so called “moped” thefts. These are highly trained police officers let them get on with it.

  20. Ian Elgey

    A positive step in the right direction, teaching thieves they wont get away with it any longer.

  21. Bikerpete51

    Knocking them off doesn’t go far enough. They should use heat seeking missiles on the thieving barstards! Take them out once and for all so we don’t have to keep them in prison on our taxes. They’ve proved they’re not worth anything to society.

  22. michcooke

    Im sure anyone who has ever had a bike, scooter etc taken/stolen would whole heartedly shake the hand of the copper or Met driver for taking these scumbags down.
    As long as its done so that no one gets hurt from either party ie no deaths etc else law suits etc will be rife.
    So what happens after? Are these scumbags given a slap on the wrist or a more serious punishment?
    Mmmm i wait with baited breath on that.
    We also need these actions to be spread out over all towns & cities.

  23. paul d

    It’s over the top in my opinion. Wheelchair bound for life or a family left grieving because little Johnny in a moment of youthful stupidity decided to rob a scooter and go for a rip? I’ll admit the acid,knife and hammer methods that some thieves use needs to be punished but running them over? No individual in peacetime should have that right.

  24. Derek

    I for one think this is a great initiative, whoever had the courage to allow this tactic to be used should be commended.
    Hopefully will make the odious cretins who commit such and sometimes heinous crimes think twice.

  25. boggobomber

    well at least they know what to expect if they pinch a machine + get caught in the act…. about time too!

  26. Treeman

    As a last resort but it could still then cause serious harm and as we don’t practice capital punishment not sure if they will be able to use it for long. Integrated approach always best, more parking bays with apparatus to lock scooters too, more education for riders how to keep vehicles safe, harsher fines, sentences for bike thefts, a better society which is more fair and equal will also reduce theft rather than a few receiving huge salaries/ bonuses from the majority’s hard work.

  27. acolbert

    love the concept but how long before the thieves realise that they can initiate an accident with a police car and start claiming compensation. It could end up like the whiplash claims which already cost all of us. Might be better to let the police car get close enough to allow them to taser the scumbags, this would make it easier to scrape up the remains and little damage to the stolen vehicle

  28. duncan.couttie

    Any initiative to stop crime on the streets and make it safe to ride is the way forward in my books.

  29. moonbear

    great about time the force to action against these thugs, and no it is not a step to far. once they step outside of the rules of society and harm or take from others their rights end…

  30. ULC Shane

    Take them out the low life scum
    Deserve everything they get.

  31. spud murphy

    If the sirems are blaring on the police car then whoever’s riding the scooter or bike is fully aware there being pursued then the police are justified to end the chase with whatever method before an innocent bystander gets hurt.

  32. Darryl Hill

    About bloody time, the police should never have had their hands tied with beauraucratic red tape in the 1st place which made them scared of loosing their jobs

  33. glen.newell1

    They will be firms ofbsolicitors up and down the country getting ready to make compensation claims for these criminals getting injured by the police I am afraid.

  34. Lynn Doe

    About time they started taking a tougher approach to all these special snowflakes. Wish there had been a lock like this when my 2 day old scooter got stolen.

  35. Neil Murfitt

    It’s a great idea (unless you’re names Diane abbot of course ) just a shame they can’t reverse back over them just to finnish the job and make sure they ain’t able to start again

  36. ts1shaun

    Finally the “little darlings” are being treated in a way that might actually teach them to respect the law!…….the Met have had their hands tied for too long.
    Now all we need are the courts to dish out lengthy sentences to the scrotes!

  37. Treeman

    I think another point I and no one else mentioned is the cutting back of police officers around the country because of austerity. The police have less officers to deal with and importantly prevent crime. The government would rather support bankers getting grossly rich then keeping our streets safe. I’m sure all people in the U.K. would rather prevent crime than stop it by driving cars in to individuals. I think many people now accept lesser police on our streets and have become desensitized and accept acts of violence from the police. It’s also interesting that the Police Federation have stated that the measures (driving cars in to moped riders) “breach current legislation” and “it is dangerous to drive a car deliberately at another road user. The law clearly classifies this as dangerous driving, and officers could be prosecuted. No defence, no exemption.” https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/nov/25/police-risk-prosecution-for-moped-crime-tactics
    Let’s inform the Government and Country we want more police on our streets to prevent crime, not permit police officers to commit crime because the government politically want to look after the few and not the many.

  38. MikeCollum

    So long as no-one is seriously hurt, then the Police should have the right to ram the buggers and at least have a chance of arrest and conviction. Currently, they have few powers and the scum know they can ride through ally-ways and escape.

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