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It’s always good to see bike security devices that work. This KOVIX alarmed chain lock (and the scooter it was attached to) survived three different heavy duty cutting tools. The well tooled up thieves first tried using a blow torch to get through the steel lock casting. When that method failed they tried using an angle grinder to get through one of the 10mm chain links, that also failed so they tried to use a set of bolt croppers on it. That hardly even marked the link.  

When the owner returned to his scooter in Hull and realised what had happened he was so impressed that he went back to the bike shop and bought a new chain. Amazingly the 120db alarm was still working on his partially melted old one.

After the bolt croppers...
After the bolt croppers…
Angle grinder? 'tis but a scratch
Angle grinder? ’tis but a scratch

Use two security devices

Although this chain/alarm lock stood up to the thieves, the Metropolitan Police advise riders to use two or more security devices to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of bike theft. A good chain with an alarm can be used along with a disc lock, second chain or even a bike cover.

The blow torch casued the most damage but the lock and the alarm still worked just fine
The blow torch casued the most damage but the lock and the alarm still worked just fine


the KOVIX KCL10-150 is a 1.5M long hexagonal chain. It has 10mm diameter hardened steel links, which are highly resistant to cutting and sawing, and the lock mechanism has a stainless steel case and key barrel, with a hardened steel lock pin, so it is equally tough and durable. The 120db alarm has shock and movement sensors and is powered by a long-life lithium battery.

Get one from The Key Collection

KOVIX design and manufacture a wide range of intelligent security products in their own factory, giving them total control over specification and quality. Prices start at just £19.99 for a mini disc lock; the 1.5m alarmed chain lock is £124.99. For more information contact The Key Collection 0117 971 9200 or visit www.thekeycollection.co.uk

VIDEO | Met Police fight back

Win one

Last week the Metropolitan Police put out the video above showing that they’re now more than prepared to use “Tactical Force” to bring an end to the current trend of using stolen scooters/motorcycles to commit far more serious crimes. The hard-hitting (literally) video will no doubt send a shock wave around the gangs of London and will hopefully have a knock-on effect around the country, where toerags from towns, cities and villages are copying what they’ve seen happening in London, creating an even wider spread bike/scooter theft epidemic.

To be in with a chance of winning a brand new (rather than semi-melted) KOVIX lock just gives us your views on the latest “Tactical Force” initiative. Is it a great deterrent or a step too far? Just leave your thoughts as a comment below and we’ll pick a winner at random on Thursday 29th November.

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