1. Lambretta rider

    Juvena. What a hero. When I was 21 I loaded the LAMBRETTA with camping gear and rode around the UK for three weeks. Not knowing where I was going.it was 1981 and the UK scooter scene was at its peak. Every village had a scooter club. And they all had weekly meets in their local pubs. Didn’t take long and my journey was “planned” around scooter clubs weekly meetings with a rally at the weekend. Moving from one town to the next making sure that night was the S.C. meeting..yip. Most places I got a bed or settee for the night. A shower and some food. I made some great friends on that trip. People I’d seen at rally’s but not spoke to. Wonder if anyone’s done the same..I was young and sleeping in a haystack or village shelter when it rained was all part of it. Riding across Europe heading south to Portugal has always been something I’d like to do..riding aimlessly with no time schedule in hot weather in the mountains of Spain and Portugal is something I wish I had done.

    • Iggy

      Great post, why not do us a ‘Moment in time’ about it if you have a photo?

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