This year’s most eagerly anticipated new model (the scooter, not the girl), the NEW Italjet Dragster is already causing a stir four months before production even begins at the Italian factory. The stunningly crafted machine may well be worlds away from the 1998 original two-stroke hooligan but this one takes scooter design to a whole new level. According to its creator, Massimo Tartarini, it’s “A new Urban Superbike”

Already being lauded as “One of the top 5 scooters you should drive in 2020” by influential upmarket magazine, Forbes (actually SLUK says more like top two), as well as various bike magazines and web sites the Dragster is likely to cause as much fuss as it did back in the 1990s.


Big in Japan

Whilst the Coronavirus is sweeping some parts of China there’s an Italian fever hitting Japan. The Dragster is bulging order books around the world. Sandro Caparelli, Italjet Sales & Marketing Manager said “Requests from the Far East are growing exponentially. Japan is now becoming one of the markets with the greatest potential for our business. Having considered interest aroused by this new model, our partner has doubled orders compared to the first forecast.” he went on to say “Export will play the main role in DRAGSTER sales. 90% of production will go to export markets, amongst which most important are Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines for Far East, Germany and UK for Europe. In the next few weeks we will show DRAGSTER at some of the most important Motorcycle exhibitions, like “Tokyo Motorcycle Show” in Tokyo end of March, IIMS Indonesia International Motorshow” in Jakarta and “Vive la Moto” in Madrid in April.”


Massimo Tartarini, President and CEO of Italjet declares with a hint of satisfaction “We are really proud that a country like Japan, homeland of the 2 wheels, is becoming crazy for our DRAGSTER; furthermore worldwide recognition given by an authoritative magazine like Forbes confirms that we have been able to design a vehicle with unique technical and design characteristics. But Japan is not a single case: DRAGSTER is expected in every part of the world. First Edition series of 499 units numbered and certified that has been offered to all DRAGSTER fans is now SOLD OUT and bookings came from more than 20 different countries. Now the wait is about to end: DRAGSTER production will start in May.”

As always, SLUK will keep ur readers up to date…

The original Italjet Dragster, still looking hot 22 years later...
The original Italjet Dragster, still looking hot 22 years later…

Let us know what you think of the new Dragster

Are you an original Dragster owner? Do you think a four-stroke can live up to its naughty predecessor? Have you ordered one of the First Series Dragsters already?

SLUK make parts for the original Dragster and will be styling up the new Dragster when it arrives