The main good thing that has come about from the massive rise of club scooter events versus the National rallies is choice.

I don’t mean choice whether to ride 20 miles or 300 miles in order to get drunk. I mean the differences in atmosphere and what you can do when you get there.

On this particular weekend there were a few big scooter events on so we had a choice. One openly promoted family camping and ‘inflatables’. There’s no point me going there and moaning about camper vans or kids when the organisers have promoted it as a family weekend. It’s up to them, their choice and if it’s honestly promoted I respect it.

Instead my choice was to ride many miles further to York Scooter Club’s scooter-only event at Breighton Ferry near Selby. Similarly there’s no point in people turning up there in cars and vans and getting the arse when they aren’t allowed in. In all fairness, YSC couldn’t have made their promotion any clearer if they tried.

VIDEO: York SC advance promo film

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Trying to explain why I’d choose to ride further for a scooter-only event is a bit like trying to explain trigonometry to a tree. There’s no point if you aren’t going to get it, but I’ll press on regardless. It’s about tribalism, and this tribe are generally like-minded. Here we can behave like kids without fear of endangering or upsetting anyone else’s kids. Essentially, amongst our own kind of weirdoes, we can relax.

If what was offered by W.O.T or in Tilff suited you better, then that’s great as well. Everybody had a choice that weekend; nobody was excluded.


In total York SC had around 450 through the gate including many Saturday day-trippers from the huge pool of Yorkshire scooterists.

Weirdoes included Leeds Central who’d bought a boat off the landlord of the riverside pub and were busy causing mayhem on the Derwent. As Matty from Mansfield put it “there’s a lot of history between the people here” looking around at faces who’ve known each other for 30 or more years.

Behind the pub, Darrell Taylor was running a dyno with some really powerful ridden scooters of which the top ones had motorcycle engines (boo and hiss say the purists, or at least some who seldom ride outside their home county) but there were also a couple of really powerful Lammies tuned by Darrell himself. More on that in the future on SLUK.


For us it was a great opportunity to see one of the stars of 80s scooter rallies – Rob Skipsey – back on form, selling a van-load of scooter tat that was of little use to anyone.

Fancy an LD petrol tank with the bottom cut out that can be worn like a hat? Call Rob.

Urgent need for a very rare Royal Navy fibreglass delivery sidecar for your scooter with no apparent chassis to mount it on? Skipsey’s your man.

By the time we arrived his face was blue from an exploded paint can and he and Biggun were covered in expanding foam.

What Rob did have however, was a seemingly endless supply of hard liquor and enough daft friends with which to entertain the crowd.


Chief victim amongst these was a poor Vespa 152L2 (which is still for sale) and has now:

  • Run on Whiskey
  • Run on chip oil
  • Been ridden 2-up into the Derwent by Flea and Diablo Al wearing a pig-mask.

This little Vespa made the Top Gear Toyota look a bit fragile by comparison. After the water was blown out, it still ran, despite the loudest piston-slap known to man.

An evening that starts like that is only going to descend further into nonsense. After the excellent intervention of the Clash City Rockers on stage (playing mostly Bananarama covers), so it went…


Additional pics by Sluice

SLUK summary: a top-hole event for riders of scooters; either amphibious or strictly landlubbery.


VIDEO: Warning - contains ritual scooter abuse