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  1. Mark Hodson
    21st December 2018 @ 5:50 pm

    They may have trouble there, the legal technicality that let Innocenti steal the name from SIL most likely won’t work in India. Personally I feel that Innocenti have behaved appallingly and deserve to lose.

    If SIL can produce evidence of building just one Lambretta in the 10 years prior to the legal wrangling with Alexandro Tartarini then the whole legal case will overturn. If you remember Alexandro won twice in court before Innocenti won but by then he was out of money and fight.

    Any scooter buyer that has even a shred of fair play should boycott these new Lambrettas, let’s face it they are nothing like a real Lambretta anyhow, just a rebadged, reskinned and regurgitated SYM.

    Hey if you are desperately after a Lambretta-esq scooter buy a Scomadi! At least the owners of that company have made it to where they are with genuine hard work and their own ingenuity.

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