1. garry inglis

    loving the rear brake ill be getting one for sure

  2. wintermod65

    may solve one issue but introduces another leaky slave cylinders !! which would render it beyond useless with shoes contaminated by hydraulic fluid but agree the lambretta rear brake is poor from wobbly pedal even with unworn bush and pin to , poorly located pins ,

    the rear disc upgrades always look a bit heath robinson to me and looks a faf when comes to rear wheel removal .liked the billet rear brake chris sadd did on the KTM conversion cutdown shame a more universal dare i say affordable production equivalent is not yet available for all current lambretta casings, still with the current pace of innovation someone yet might produce one

  3. Willo

    I have seen this close up and it does look good i will be fitting one to the super monza as soon as its readily available.

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