Honda Motorcycles UK have joined forces with Datatool to become the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to supply their machines with a tracker already fitted as standard. From July 2nd all new Hondas will have a Thatcham approved Datatool TrakKING Adventure fitted, a fantastic initiative in the fight against crime. The customer just has to pay the on-going subscription fee of less than £10 per month (cheaper yearly subs are also available).

Neil Fletcher, Head of Motorcycles at Honda UK, said: “This ground-breaking safety and security initiative is a long-term Honda commitment to ensuring peace of mind for riders of Honda’s on-road range.

“Fitting a tracking device such as TrakKING Adventure is a significant deterrent, looked on favourably by insurance companies and can lead to around 90% of bikes being returned to their owner if they are unfortunate enough to be stolen. For riders, dealers and insurers, it’s a win-win scenario, speeding up the process of getting back on the road and ensuring customers retain their Honda motorcycle.”


Some of the TrakKING data from our trip to Croatia on the GTS in 2015
Some of the TrakKING data from our trip to Croatia on the GTS in 2015

We tested an early version of the TrakKING on my Vespa GTS, you can read that article here. It’s a very comprehensive system providing not only theft monitoring and instant notification but it also provides a detailed journey history, with each trip being backed up to the users cloud for review later. Routes and journeys can also be shared via the free iOS or Android app.

As well as being Thatcham Quality Assured, TrakKING Adventure is also accredited as a Police ‘Secured by Design’ product, meaning it meets the high standards set by police forces around the country in their effort to reduce and prevent crime.

Dave Plummer, Datatool Brand Manager at Scorpion Automotive, commented: “Tracking technology is increasingly important for riders looking to protect their motorcycle or scooter, particularly within urban areas. It’s an incredibly positive step from Honda UK to commit to providing our TrakKING Adventure hardware to its customers free-of-charge. We’re keen to work together to develop the product to meet the needs of Honda riders throughout the UK.”

MCIA Secured Scheme

Tony Campbell, CEO at the MCIA, added: “Following the announcement of the MCIA Secured scheme due to be rolled out over the coming months, it is great news to see Honda take this important step in fighting motorcycle & scooter theft which has become a growing problem in recent years. The MCIA Secured programme has been introduced to make it clear to customers which anti-theft security is fitted as standard to new motorcycles and scooters and at the same time encourage manufacturers to invest more in security for the customer. The MCIA and industry has been working tirelessly hard with government and authority to tackle the problem of theft and therefore we are extremely pleased to see Honda introduce TrakKING as a standard fit security item on all new Hondas.”

Available now

Datatool TrakKING Adventure is available on all new Honda scooters and motorcycles sold after Monday July 2nd. Honda dealers are also offering a discounted price on TrakKING for existing owners (around £349 fitted). A monthly subscription costs less than £10 per month.

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SLUK says

SLUK welcomes this initiative from Honda. We’ve spoken to a few manufacturers ourselves over the last couple of years in the hope they’d do something proactive. Honda have lead the charge and hopefully others will quickly follow suit. A cynic might suggest the other manufacturers are quite happy to shift extra units as owners replace stolen scooters, it’s a short-sighted strategy though.

Killing the industry? 

Motorcycle and scooter theft (and the associated crime) is probably the biggest threat to the two-wheeled industry we’ve ever faced. If the public are afraid to commute, afraid to leave a machine unattended, scared to ride in certain towns, cities or areas and know that certain models/makes are more likely to be stolen than others it stops them riding (or replacing a stolen bike).

Lose riders through fear of attack, or theft and the knock on effect is immense. It stops new riders taking to two wheels, devalues used machines, puts insurance prices up and causes untold misery around the UK.

New products always in development…