1. Sticky Round

    For us it was about UNITY. Unity of scooterists from every nation. Unity of people who ride to rallies (rather than going by car). That’s what made the parties so special. Everyone made the effort to ride and had a story to tell.

    We’ve discussed organising it again many times but when something has such a great reputation it would be a shame to spoil it with an event that didn’t meet the same standard of high.

    Better, we reckon, to keep an eye on the calendar and watch out for other events where the ‘special’ people meet.

    Thanks to everyone that rode to Holiday in Holland for making the atmosphere like a riot at a mental institute. We couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

    Speed Demons SC

  2. Cindy Nietz

    Ah HiH, from the first in 1993 to the last in 2005, I loved every single minute. Col you are right, the name came from the majority of us making it a week long holiday between the two rallies. I am sure I am not the only one giggling at the silly things during that week in Den Haag and the beach bar called ‘The Strand’. Great write up by the way 🙂

  3. whohand

    oh my goodness, what happy times we had on these rallys!!! Sticky: “riot at a mental Institut” hits it perfectly! lol
    Best Events ever! look at all the happy faces… anarchy, love, peace and happiness! with crazy scooterist from all that different countries and roots!
    Please, who ever, bring back the good times
    pic from page 2, 11/50 is my old Vespa sprint called “immortal memories” with heavy engraving from lost genius Pete Robinson (R.I.P.) it won “best VESPA” 🙂
    so many memories that hold for a lifetime, remember it is about 25 years away and still fresh in my mind like it happend yesterday !
    the “back” with the “scooterboy” tatoo is my old mate “ossi” from my hometown Neuwied
    stay save and healthy all scooterist !
    cheers, Peter, germany

  4. Phil Kitchen

    Some of the best years in my scootering life especially hih, when rallys where mainly just scooter riders and made a lot of my scooterist friends especially from Europe. Cracking write up again from Col .

  5. DiabloDemon

    Great write up. The rally was made by the people who were there who all came with a party attitude.
    Somehow we could get away with a lot more and I like to think we progressed things certainly in terms of music played at a scooter rally.
    A special mention needs to be made of our friends in Hidden Power SC who were a big part of Borculo. It would be remiss not to mention the big part the Armed Forces SC played in helping out in the latter rallies. Strong friendships formed there especially with Simon Cuerden whose untimely death was very hard for us to deal with. He’ll always be missed and Borculo wouldn’t have been the same without him.
    I like to think we had a brilliant cross section of DJs which helped give HiH it’s flavour. Thanks to them and all the friends of the club who gave their time to help.
    A big thanks to Andre to. If you know you know
    Best times of our lives.

    Lots more photos on our Facebook page Friends of Speed Demons.
    Nice one Col. Cheers Iggy♥️

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