1. Robin Pywell

    Here in France even new 4 stroke fuel injected scooters come with a warning not to use E10 petrol! Fortunately there’s usually a choice of E5 98 petrol at the pumps when the only 95 octane is E10. For the last few months all pumps carry stickers showing “E5” or “E10”.

  2. Nudger

    Spot on Sticky – nice photo of Sniff and Co too

    • Dicky

      I must thank Vince for that picture. Holey piston moment if I recall!

    • TJBE4

      Ah so that’s where you got the name!
      Good little write up Sticky btw

  3. russ1

    And there was I thinking mixing two stroke was hassle. Can’t see many scooterist adopting the “ethanol filter trick” on the way to the IOW, mind you most scooterist’s on the way to the IOW these days are in vans ! Good video though.

  4. Ed Bailey

    An interesting read. I’m a bit dubious in how you link this as a direct result of groups such as ER actions. I don’t think many environmental pressure groups would be in favor as there is a lot of evidence as to why biofuels are bad for the environment – some of which you mention such as the bad science regarding carbon offsetting and how else the land that is used for growing these crops could be used. All the stuff about Industrial agricultural to produce things such as cheap meat and bio fuels etc leading to the fall off in bio diversity etc etc. I think your more on the target when pointing the finger at money and maybe some bad EU policies (I’m pro European btw so this not a brexit drum I’m trying to bash)

    Anyway I agree with the conclusion it stinks and is a mess!

    • Sticky Round

      I mention Extinction Rebellion only in that their protests are being used as a cover to release and promote policies under a ‘green agenda’ when really the policies aren’t green at all if you look closely.

  5. ULC Shane

    Well said that man, only one winner in this bulshitting world and that’s the governments lining their own pockets

  6. norbythommo

    As someone dealing with US Ethanol fuel for 20+ years, it is the evilest additive ever for anything two-stroke or anything with plastic fuel tanks. It kills lawnmowers, chainsaws etc. if used too much – you can be assured that a good percentage of tools won’t start next “mowing season” due to the carbs being “gummy” from the varnish it leaves behind.

    I use only Ethanlol free fuel in my ’85 scooter, old Greeves, all petrol powered tools and even a 15 year old Triumph (sorry, its a motorbike 😉 – its plastic tank expanded when taken out of the frame for a day due to not being under pressure in the frame. 3 days in a chest freezer helped get it – somewhat – back in.

    It is crap stuff. I hope back home you’ll still be able to get Ethanol free fuel – I can around here – for just a bit more cash – I hope that option presents itself also.

  7. The Crunch

    The Climate Change Brigade have become the new Puritans of the modern age: “We are right, you are wrong”, “We are enlightened, you are in the darkness of ignorance”, “We are helping you by forcing your hand” etc..

    There is no conclusive evidence for any assertions that the activities of people is having a negative impact on global climate.

    Don’t conflate climate with weather, they are two very different things. The weather changes all the time, often in cycles of ten or twenty years or more – fifty or one hundred.

    Neither should we conflate environmental degradation (which is real and happening every day) with Climate Change

    Who are the ‘International Panel on Climate Change’? who are they? On who’s authority? Their climate models are an excellent example of how statistics can be interpreted to give a desired result.

    Problem, reaction, solution. Doomsday Climate change is the problem, the hysteria in the media generating fear is the reaction, carbon taxes and more government involvement in your private affairs is the solution.

    Ethanol is just the start.

    Ed Bailey says above: ‘I’m pro European’… so am I, but I’m anti-EU in it’s current undemocratic, coercive form.

    Ask anyone who ‘survived’ Communism in Eastern Europe during the 70’s & 80’s to make comparisons between what they had then and what the EU has become now.

    The UK is getting out in October and Ireland would do well to follow suit

    I’ll put it to you this way; if man made climate change or CO2 based climate change is real and is happening, the first people to adjust would be international insurance corporations who underwrite for trans national corporations.

    You would not be able to secure insurance for coastal properties or assets located on coastal areas if alleged CO2 based climate change were a real thing – but you can. Look at the Netherlands; You can get coverage going decades forward for even the most exposed endeavor, be it a giant wind farm or sea-dyke.

    So what about all this sea level rise and cities being washed away and all the rest of the doomsday stuff the National Geographic love to show you ‘simulation’s’ of, in their publications. Well all I can say is that you are all big boys now and you must stop believing in Fairy Tales & scary-stories.

    You have a politician over there, a Labour fellow, Corbyn right? I don’t know much about him but his brother is an actual Climatologist, a recognised expert on Climate; not a politician or a bureaucrat or EU-Yes-man. Give him a listen if you can find him on the Tube. Piers Corbyn I think. There are many others but they are given no platform in media.

    I’m not a Leftie or a Rightie but I can see when I’m being sold a pup! It’s like that Ladybird book story for children where Chicken-Lickin & Henny Penny are off to tell the King that the sky is falling! Lol.

    • Ed Bailey

      So you dont think climate change is real because its still possible to obtain insurance for properties next to the coast that could be subject to flooding from rising sea levels?

      ‘Interesting’ argument but I think i’ll go with what 99% of what the world’s scientists say

  8. nigelphoto

    Some more info which might be useful to riders of older scooters. E0 or Ethanol free fuel will still be available after the introduction of E10 in 2020 in Standard Premium grade, from Esso. This is the latest statement on the situation on Exxon/Mobil’s UK website –

    ‘The majority of unleaded 95 Octane petrol sold in the UK contains up to 5% ethanol as required under the Government’s Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO).

    There is currently no requirement for renewable fuel (such as ethanol) to be present in super unleaded (97 grade petrol).

    Esso super unleaded petrol (Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded 97) is ethanol free (except in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area and Scotland). We would therefore advise anyone who has concerns about the presence of ethanol in petrol to use Synergy Supreme+ – providing they do not fill up in Devon or Cornwall, the Teesside area or Scotland.’

    I have contacted Esso who were very helpful and confirmed that they have no plans to change their policy. I also contacted the other majors who all, without exception, currently put E05 in their 97RON as well as 95RON standard fuels which will be increased to E10 next year. The only company who failed to reply were Shell, but as their petrol locally to me is at least 2p/litre more than Esso they won’t be getting my custom.

    And now a completely useless fact from history. The very first car which Henry Ford made in 1896 whilst he was working for the Edison Co. ran on pure Ethanol. Ford introduced the Model t in 1908 and went on to make another 16,000,000 of them and that too could run on petrol or pure ethanol. Just thought you’d like to know!!

  9. H

    As much of a pain as it is, the ethanol removal process is relatively quick and simple, and if done 20L at a time or so, would reduce the tedium. Thats the way I will go when it increases in percentage.

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