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The Lambretta Club of USA or LCUSA has just launched their brand new club website. Although that might not sound too exciting if you live over this side of the pond club president, Peter Lundgren tells us it’s packed with info for the avid Lambretta anorak. Peter said “We have been collecting and compiling original Lambretta parts manuals, service manuals, owners manuals and misc original Lambretta related documents over the last few years. The purpose of this was to scan these into pdf files and make them available to anyone who needs them for free.”

He went on to say “Only a fraction of what we have collected is up but what is there should be of great help to Lambretta owners. Our primary focus is on machines not covered within the Spanner’s Manual but eventually, we will get more of the Series stuff scanned in as well.”

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Extra large American SLUK readership

We’d just like to say to our growing army of American readers, thanks for joining us and ‘Have a nice day.’ Surprisingly America is the second highest consumer of SLUK after the UK. The top five countries are as follows…

  • UK
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  • Germany
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If any of our foreign readers would like to keep us up to date with scooter events/builds/customs in your part of the world we’d love to hear from you. Just email us at: editorial@ScooterLab.UK

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