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  1. andrewquinlan1
    14th May 2018 @ 6:09 pm

    Don’t be fooled by Lexham’s tantalising introductory insurance rate. I got a similar rate in my first year (around £200). In August 2017 I was hit with a renewal bill for £460 despite my circumstances having not changed other than gaining a years no claims. They guy at Lexham told me insurance companies are becoming wise to people taking advantage of this loophole and driving on their car licenses and that if i had a full bike license it would come down in price. Renewal is due in a couple of months so i called Lexham and asked them how much it would come down if i had my full cat A bike license. The lady told me according to her computer it will not come down at all.

    I was speaking to the guy in the bike shop where i get it serviced. He told me £460 is cheap (presumably because i live in the sticks, do low mileage and keep the bike locked in a garage) and that some people are paying upwards of £900. Lexham appear to be the only broker willing to insure trikes so they have you by the curlies.

    I love absolutely love the trike but may have to reconsider owning if i’m going to get screwed on insurance. I also fear as long as insurance keep going up, the value of the bike will depreciate.

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