1. Theraphim Hebraeorum

    Got a bona fide Classic Rack on my GTS and it is much better made than the foul play clones I have seen. Buy British too folks, time to support the home team innit!?

  2. DiscoDave1984

    Buying British is not always going to help as it was a British so called company and Scooterist that has ripped off my design of the long Range Vespa tank.

  3. Sie Evans

    I think most of us are old enough and ugly enough to know what is crap. It’s the high end expensive stuff that we have to watch out for. Mostly still ‘in development’ untested ‘only a grand’ stuff that hit’s us in the pocket and on the road.

  4. Mark Big 7

    After watching that helmet video, how many scooter rallies do you go to and see traders selling crash helmets for £35.00. Perhaps rally organisers should stop traders selling crash helmets that don’t carry the BSI or equivalent European kite mark because ultimately they’re putting scooterist lives at risk

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