Eurolambretta 2017 – will it still be Adria?


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Yesterday we posted information about financial problems at Adria circuit in Italy, the designated venue for Euro-Lambretta 2017 selected by the Lambretta Club D’Italia.


These were highlighted  in this Italian newspaper article


Additionally, we posted a quote by user “CambTim” who made this post on the LCGB forum:


“Big news!
Lambretta. jamboree cannot be at Adra!
Today the Italian news announced that Adria is closed due to investigation by authorities.
The was a serious accident on Sunday and all the local authorities have been looking at Adia.
The Guadia Financza (tax police) have closed them due to unpaid tax of 600000 euros!
They have sent in the balifs and taken 170k euros of things.
It will be at least 2 years before they can have an event there!
Huge embarrassment here in Italy, as predicted.
So please do not pay any money to hotels etc in this region!
It is most likely the event will now be held in Monza!
The club Italy has lost 30k euros!”




Today we received the following communication from Vittorio Tessera:


The article contains some very serious falsehoods that damage the Lambretta Club Italy:

1) it is not true that the circuit will be closed for two years (the circuit is normally open)
2) It is not true that the club lost € 30,000 (did not take anything because it is no deposit was paid)
The article in the newspaper (very stressed) NOT talk about the autodrome closure, but the areas that need to be secured.
This is not a problem, everything was already provided by time.

the only problem for the owner autodrome is the VAT not paid but
this tax problem does NOT affect the management of the track.

I beg you to correct this article to confirm that the meeting is in Adria





Inevitably Adria’s financial problems adds an air of uncertainty to proceedings that is no good for anyone; particularly those who’ve booked time off work or ferry crossings.


What is certain is that the owners of Adria do have a big tax bill to sort out, however it is not in the long-term interests of the Italian government to close down businesses. 


Rather than add further to this mayhem, we will await an official announcement from the Lambretta Club of Italy because they are the only ones who can decide how this will all play out in the end.


We’ll keep you up to date here on SLUK…