1. ULC Shane
    31st August 2018 @ 12:13 pm

    Nasty ethanol E10

  2. talmanmkln
    31st August 2018 @ 1:49 pm

    I’ve been riding for 35 years rain, shine and snow, crashed into, knocked off and numerous other encounters, its just getting harder to enjoy what you LOVE! scootering is a way of life, new and old, don’t take it laying down, fight back for that little enjoyment that really harms Who! Oh by the way SLUK, you are a breath of fresh. Thanks

  3. Giallo Ossido
    31st August 2018 @ 8:42 pm

    Well, thanks for telling us even if it is a bit last minute sluk.com.

    Perhaps you ought not to have gone swanning off to the IOW!

  4. Petrol ban as UK's first 'mini' ULEZ zone goes live in London | NEWS - ScooterLab
    5th September 2018 @ 11:06 am

    […] tightening the noose, making life harder for us. Either through the widespread use of biofuels (ethanol) or by restricting what and where we can and can’t ride. Barcelona has recently introduced its […]

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