1. Doug

    can we not just bring back 4 star please?

  2. Warkton Tornado No.1

    The issue with ethanol & two stroke engines is not straight forward. There are many ‘papers’ on the subject & effects upon engine components & from my understanding, even nitrile seals should not yer be troubled. Unfortunately, there are those that market Viton seals as being essential when they are not…..yet. Two stroke engines have the advantage of oil. Not often you can say that.

    However, the quality of fuel dispensed is another issue & difficult to prove when things go wrong. I had the fuel pump in a car fail years ago & believe it due to using the cheaper Supermarket fuels. My current drive uses only Shell Ultra, uses no oil between changes & has clocked nearly 250,000.

    Personally, since leaded high octane petrol was being phased out, I have bought only Super Unleaded from BP, Shell or Tesco for any scooter. It costs more but my belief is that you get more for your money. Swings & roundabouts it may be, but buying quality fuel is to my mind some insurance toward peace of mind.

    Ordinary unleaded petrol is best kept for lawn mowers & generators……

  3. Kenny B

    Think we all know writing is on the wall when it comes to 2 strokes on UK/EU roads , think maybe five to ten years and the government might start to offer a scrap-age roll out to owners. Reality is fossil fuel powered vehicles are history.

  4. Zap Brannigan

    So basically we will be running our ve-hic-les on moonshine, d’yuk yuk!

    I will not be buying any new machines with ICEs now. I expect my 2013 GTS and 2005 800cc motorsickle to be banned or silly taxed off the road within five years and then, even Euro 5 bikes to be ULEZ’d beyond that. What’s the point buying a new machine that will need to be scrapped or priced out of towns in ten years! That’s not environmentally friendly.

    I will save my money until either Piaggio or Scomadi produce a beefy ‘leccy scoot that does at least 75mph and 100 mile range at top whack.

    I guess Niall at Retrospective will be raking it in with all the classic conversions that will need to be done.

    It’s a different world now folks. Better get with the programme or be left cycling to rallies in Lycra g-strings! God forbid!

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