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  1. Theraphim Hebraeorum

    Why the SLUK are we even bothering with this piece of EU Brussels sprouts bottom gas legislation when we voted OUT of this nonsense?!!! This is the sort of Eurotrash that lead to ordinary people to choose to vote out.

    We voted to enter a European trading block in the seventies, not to join a totalitarian dictatorship whose legislation is determined by un-elected bureaucrats and risk averse lawyers responding to SPURIOUS compensation chasing “victims”. Who the feck cares what happened to some guy in Slovenia!?? We in the UK have some of the safest workplaces in the world because of our own home grown approach to safety. I know where I would feel less safe working. Get your own house in order first you EU Johnny Come Lately’s!

    Our motorsports have a relatively good safety record too, but you know the risks and attend at your own recognizance and risk (as the signs say at the tracks for all to see). Having been to scooter racing and the IoM TT I know the score and choose a spot to watch from that I feel comfortable to view from.

    You fecking Brussels Sprouts LEAVE US ALONE and go and listen to Eddy Wally and much waffles and other such shite and deal with more important stuff like the soft invasion of Europe that is going on and crumbling EU member economies.

    We are floating in a sea of massive turds and these Eurotwats pick up a small turd bobbing by and say “Now this turd really pisses me off…we must do something about this turd!” Whilst the large turds float on by!


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