1. Krešimir Kežić

    i really like italjet dragster 200 i will buy it

  2. Tractorman

    I like the look of the new Royal Alloy but I bet the panel handles won’t last long!

  3. Paul Franklin

    What’s going on down electric avenue?

    • iggy-grainger

      I’m planning to hop down there today or tomorrow. You can’t imagine the size of this show, it takes tome to cover.

  4. Scooter

    I like the look of the RA S2 300! Look forward to seeing it in the flesh. Tigara in Romanian means cig (or fag, smoke etc), so its going to be a big fag!

  5. Zap Brannigan

    Absolutely love the Lambretta G325.

    It is what I imagine Innocenti would be producing in 2020 as a foil to Piaggio and the Vespa GTS HPE.

    Retro-futuristic but without directly ripping off heritage model lines.

    That’s my next scoot if it comes out before the Scomadi 400.
    I don’t mind support an EU/Taiwan venture as I would support a British/Thai one.

    RA can burn in hell, as I am not supporting the economic warfare being waged against the West by the PRC.

    Good to see more choice in the scootering world though.
    Thanks for the great coverage SLUK.

  6. Toby TheEbt

    RA’s Beaten Scomadi to the punch AGAIN. Luv the panel indicators h8 the front ones. H8 the duck mudguard. Let’s go all Sean Bean on it’s ass. (Winters cumin) gotta say thrs sommat bout the wheels I don’t like. Also h8 the KQ seat. Greys a bit bland.
    Scomadi Wr r u?
    Any S1 400 news or dates tho I don’t like the S1. Also wot about the Leccy version?
    C’mon Scomadi let’s start work on the LD b4 u run outta models and have to go Starstream ⭐️

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