1. Theraphim Hebraeorum

    Mmmm…says HPE on the air filter scoop thingy on the yella one fella????

    Maybe it’s an optional extra to have the all singing and dancing computer screen display so you can watch Youtube best motorcycle crash videos as you go. Think I’ll stick with a good old fashioned setup that just tells me how fast I am going and how much jungle juice I have left at a glance. The return of the trad style horncast looks nice though. Think I’d mod it to have a circular clam shell shape at the bottom.

    Nice yellow….look nicer with the contrasting orange rust along the seams after a few months on the road. Piaggio QC…the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Dave D

      HPE is for the engine, not the TFT speedo? (Unless somebody has edited the article since you read it and now makes your comment look ‘odd’? Or I’m misreading what’s been wrote, which wouldn’t be the first time for me!)
      Was wondering if they have done anything about that seam as well. I’ve posted about it on a couple of main dealers social media but they always seemed to get deleted. And it’s not as if I was wording it like some 11 yr old keyboard warrior from YouTube! I just wanted to know if Piaggio were aware of it and doing something to sort it. Extend the back of the mudguard for starters, instead of cutting it off at the worst possible place?
      On one of the photos up there, it looks like there isn’t a joint but it could just be the light. (Most probable…)

  2. Doug

    Natural evolution of the Vespa – my choice over Lambretta “look-a-likes” and Vespa Clones from outside of Italy

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