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eCall, or emergency call systems are a way of alerting the emergency services, either automatically or manually in the event of an accident which can save precious time in an emergency situation (providing, of course, our overstretched and under-funded emergency services have staff/vehicles available…)


eCall is becoming more common in newer cars, not surprising really because legislation dictates all new cars will have to be fitted with an eCall system as standard from 31st March 2018. Where does that leave us vulnerable scooter riders you may well ask? dguard is the only commercially available retro-fitted motorcycle equivalent and aside from an SOS button it also has a few other tricks up its sleeve. 






The latest 2018 version 3 dguard system will trigger a call to the emergency services and tell them exactly where you are if it detects a crash, you have the option to cancel the call if the ‘crash’ is merely a slip on gravel or some other minor mishap.




If movement of your machine is detected without the key being in the ignition it will automatically trigger an alert to your phone and track your bike whilst you’re either on the phone to the police or digging out those concrete wellingtons ready to catch the thief yourself (although I’m sure dguard don’t advise that course of action). 


SOS button


Scooter/bike jackings are becoming more common, unfortunately, but with the dguard SOS button you can alert the police at the touch of a button if you encounter a dodgy or threatening situation. 


Touring Roadbook


The new Touring Roadbook will capture your routes or tours and can be accessed via the dguard smartphone app. It records your journeys, speed and altitude (it can also be turned off). You can personalise or share your routes with friends via social media.


SLUK 72 61 1




The v3 dguard has been made easier to fit by an approved installer and can be fitted in a covert place on your bike/scooter. A battery and ignition key is needed for operation so sadly it rules most classic scooters out but modern autos can use the system.


Main Specifications


  • Worlds only universal retrofit eCall system for motorcycles
  • Accident detection call directly to emergency services
  • Theft detection notification to user with constant updates
  • Roadbook journey logging – route, speed, altitude, route mapping, share on social media
  • Bluetooth connection to riders headset
  • User-friendly dguard app with full configuration of settings
  • Universal fitting to motorcycles with an ignition key
  • Authorised installer fitment 




It’s not a cheap system to install but the tracker adds massively to its value, especially because you get two years free subscription (usually up to £99 a year with other trackers), on-going the dguard subscription fee is only £30 as well so it makes the £499.99 (plus installation costs) sound a lot less in the long term. 


Contact: Bike It dguard installer


New products always in development…