VIDEO | Dean Orton answers your questions. Turn the volume up on this video.

Last week we asked for readers questions before our visit to Rimini Lambretta Centre, where we grilled Dean Orton and had a good nose around their latest products, developments and gadgets – as well as having a test ride on the mental SSR 250 demonstrator. A 40-odd horsepower machine that has already been superceded by the latest Scuderia 265.

We’ll be bringing you the onboard video footage from that ride later in the week.

During the video interview Dean revealed more details on the upcoming twin-cylinder Casa Performance engine, he also answered a few tricky questions about pricing, availability and the development of kits and gearboxes for the J Range Lambretta. We’ll bring you some video footage of the rear hydraulic disc brake, a new tool and other parts in separate news items.

Words, photos and videos: Iggy
Interview: Dave Gould

Rimini Lambretta restorations

Prior to their involvement with Casa Performance, Rimini Lambretta were already well known around the world for their outstanding Mod machines and restorations, as well as the use of those hard to find vintage accessories. We’re not on about the usual flaky chrome bathroom tat you’ll see adorning a PX at your local modfest, we’re talking about the likes of Ulma, Vigano and other exotic bling for your Lambrettas. Rare trinkets costing upwards of £1000…

Restoration is still a big part of Rimini Lambretta, aside from dreaming up and executing the latest go-faster goodies, their bread and butter work is the creation of outstanding concourse machines. As well as being the place to go to when you’re looking for the rarest of rare accessories, or new old stock original parts. Although Dean told us they are getting much harder to source these days.

Check out the video above as we take you on a quick tour of just some of the machines currently at RLC…

Getting to Rimini is cheap and easy

When you say to your other half you’re taking a mate to Italy for a couple of days just before Christmas it’s not likely to go down too well unless you have an understanding partner. Luckily both myself and Dave Gould (a mate who was already planning to buy a Casa engine) have. Although pulling in a ‘romantic’ visit to Venice whilst we were there may have been a step too far. You can’t miss out though when you land just 8-miles away and have a hire car.

Flights £30

Despite only deciding to go to Italy a few days before, the trip itself was very cheap. I shopped around for flights and although there were more convenient airports I got us a return flight on Ryan Air to Venice, Marco Polo for just £30 each. That included taxes and hand luggage. Flying into Bologna would have been closer to Rimini but the times/return weren’t as convenient.

Car hire £56

I hired a car for £58, booked online before travelling but in the future, I’d probably just hire one at the airport.

Accommodation: £122 (for 2)

We weren’t quite sure of the plan so didn’t book anything until we knew where we wanted to be. We simply got on to when we got to Italy and booked the cheapest hotel for the first night. It cost £72 between us and we were pleasantly surprised to get a lovely 4-star hotel with swimming pool and a free Peroni when we got there. Perfect. The first night was a few miles south of Rimini, 165 miles from the airport.

Our second night’s accommodation close to the airport for the return flight wasn’t quite so plush… You win some you lose some.

Tolls: £40

We weren’t hanging around so jumped on the motorway and paid tolls, you could make the trip more scenic if you had time.

Fuel: £45

In the two days, we covered just over 500 km’s and used £45 worth of fuel (plus the cost of getting to the airport).

Airport parking: £45

Booked in advance it cost £45 for two days, not too bad really.

Getting to ride the Casa Performance SSR 250: Priceless

Cost of Dave’s 2018 order for the SST: £6200

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