1. Paul Martin

    didn’t get my first scooter until 1990 so missed out on seeing any of Jeremy’s bikes in the flesh, really looking forward to seeing Dazzle though it was seeing Wake in Scooter Scene which really blew me away, looking forward to its revamp. Like Sticky said – I kind of get the impression that Jeremy may be planning another custom scoot, he mentioned that he still had most of Nike Air Racer so who knows what he might make his comeback with.

  2. mattblack

    A legend of custom scooters, and yes, I did have this blue-tacked onto my bedroom wall as a teenager, I,m liking the new Dazzle just as much (if not more) Siouxie has matured well in these murals. The big question now though, is will somebody resurrect Drizzle? The classic anti-custom scooter, be nice to see them together.

  3. CrocodileJock

    Great post. Dazzle was a real game changer!

  4. Scooterscum

    Nice article.
    Good to hear all those legendary names again.
    Gorra say tho I preferred the original (green) murals.
    Was just gonna post if anyone remembered Drizzle then saw Mattblack’s post.
    Still remember it parked next to Daz.
    With “painted by 12 year old child” on it n the mural that looked like that priceless fresco the old dear repaired recently n ruined it.

  5. Dazzle67

    Dazzle what a scooter, I’m luckily enough to have been and still am a good friend of Jeremy’s and have fond memories of the Howlett conveyor belt, but Dazzle will always remain the ultimate custom scooter for me.

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